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Started in 2008 Social Media Cafe became an institution. Meeting regularly on the first Tuesday of the month, it ran for over 5 years bringing an eclectic and sometimes bizarre selection of topics to discuss. From emoji madness and a requiem for Ceefax to more grounded subjects. Through #smc_mcr, Manchester kicked off its open data journey and became a stopping off place for people passing through, who had projects and passions to share. Most importantly #smc_mcr was a place where anyone with a passion could pitch up and propose a topic that they wanted to share with others - either to inform or to find help. Because of this #smc_mcr developed an unConference format that allowed multiple subjects to be discussed at the same time.

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Social Media cafe Liverpool are going to be wrapping up the year with a look into the future, where they assure us, we are going to be living next year. 
Apart from the serious look at Walled Gardens and what our operating system says about us they'll be looking at how we'll be using more items in our homes connected to the internet, but not including the internet Fridge. 
There'll also be a round up of Social Media highlights and lowlights this year and prizes for those who have "Rocked their World"  Along with Mice Pies and Mulled Wine. 
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social media cafe advert

Social Media Cafe Liverpool is back and this time it's audio that gets all the attention and rightly so.   

Static Gallery on Roscoe Lane will once again host SMCliv on Thursday April 19th where they will be offering an evening exploring the growing use of audio within Social Media. Looking at online audio platforms, podcasting and the uses of audio for business development. 

A panel of three experts will present on their areas of specialism in audio and social media, be that marketing, journalism, writing, teaching or music. The forum will then be opened out to the floor for a more general discussion and Q&A session.

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smclogowebLiverpool sees return of Cafe socialising for Social Media enthusiasts and novices alike.

Social Media Cafe Liverpool returns on 16th February, with an exciting evening of talks examining the rise of Facebook and the openness of geo-location platforms.

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smclogowebSocial Media Cafe Liverpool have announced a reboot (yeah it's a phrase from them there comics). There hasn't been a SMC Liverpool since February and as they state there was loads going on that week, I should know I was involved.  Now they want your involvement. 

They are thinking about a restarting Social Media Cafe Liverpool and they need your input. Here is what they say

"I have been thinking about a reboot of Social Media Cafe Liverpool for some time as it is a bit overdue as the last event, sorry the last brilliant event in February. There was loads going on that week and since then we have sat back and taken it easy, well actually just got on with other stuff."

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011 09:00

How Why DIY

How Why Diy creative tech network website






Get involved in some of the most innovative events taking place in Liverpool by joining How Why DIY! your creative Technology Network.


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Wednesday, 13 April 2011 15:52

Liverpool Music Barcamp - don't miss your chance

Liverpool_Music_BarcampwebIt's just over a week away from the Liverpool Music Barcamp - a free one day conference taking place at Studio 2 on Parr Street.

The conference or Barcamp is presented in an open source style where attendees are encouraged to get up and present their own talks or workshops.




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Friday, 25 March 2011 16:14

Techy Geekery News - March

HowwhyDIYbadgeCheck out the latest E-News for the Tech Geek Crowd.

Our not so regular newsletter   -

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Thursday, 03 March 2011 16:23

Talk: Pete Carr at Social Media Cafe Liverpool


Pete Carr presents a talk on the his new photography project Rezz which places images of strangers in a virtual space using the Layar app at Social Media Cafe Liverpool on 10th February 2011 at the Arts and Design Academy, Liverpool.


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Thursday, 03 March 2011 15:53

Talk: John McKerrell at Social Media Cafe


John McKerrell presents a talk on the development of iPhone apps at Social Media Cafe Liverpool on 10th February 2011 at the Arts and Design Academy, Liverpool.


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