Monday, September 28, 2020
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  • Live Music events

    Live Music events

    Broadcast live every weekend from the Buyers Club Liverpool
  • Conferences, Lectures, Talks and important events

    Conferences, Lectures, Talks and important events

    If your creating advocacy events make sure your audience can always get there.
  • Expand your audience

    Expand your audience

    Live streaming video from your outdoor events
  • Easy access to your hard work

    Easy access to your hard work

    Making it easy for your customers to hear and see your messages.


 Would you like to add streamed video to your event in Liverpool be it a conference, seminar, Press Conference or Live Music Event then we can help you.

For the last 4 years we've been Live Streaming video and audio across the internet so that more people can attend events - if you don't Live Stream then it's really something you should add to your engagement arsenal.  

Create absorbing content your audience will love


Our clients include, the AND Festival, Ignite Liverpool, Social Media Cafe, FACT, Rathole Radio, Penny Lane Gallery and Writing on the Wall.

Live Streaming is all about actively engaging a wider group of stakeholders to take part in important conversations or events you want them to interact with. 

Get hundreds to engage - through using pre promotion it's possible to gather a larger audience than could fit in a decent sized venue.  

Digital Platforms - using a mix of Twitter, Facebook, chat rooms and the ustream platform you can push your content out and have your event trending in no time.  

Documentation - The post event videos will provide some great content ready for your website - all for the same price of a photographer. 

Case Study - Rathole Radio May 2012  
Engagement 400 people engaged on the night
Budget Medium 


Case Study - Ignite Liverpool - May 2018
Engagement  16 people engaged on the night

Budget Small 


Case Study - Together for the Common Good Conference (2 day)
Engagement - Streamed and made available on Youtube approx 150

Budget Medium

So prove you are a Social Media Pro and Live Stream your events. 


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