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You a student - then Ignite Liverpool wants you

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Do you have a burning desire that you want to share with the world? Be a Rock Star for five minutes – deliver a quick fire talk on any subject!

Ignite is an international movement taking place regularly in cities across the globe. Audiences gather to hear five-minute talks on any topic that fascinates the speaker. It’s a friendly and encouraging atmosphere made up of keen listeners who form an appreciative audience.

Liverpool Ignite has been running quarterly events for the past 2 years and the next event is on the 1 November at the Liverpool Guild of Students.

Open Call - Ignite Liverpool always puts out an open call for speakers and there is still time to register and show that the people have lots to share. Registration is via our submit a talk page.

Ignite Liverpool is an informal evening where members of the public share their knowledge and experience on a subject of their choice using a Powerpoint presentation and only 5 minutes of time. These can be serious, humorous, inspiring and downright rude at times, but they are always entertaining.

Organiser, Neil Morrin, Director at How Why DIY said, We’re having a student special in conjunction with Liverpool Guild of Students to support their initiative Give it a Go. This is designed to encourage students to get more involved in cool activities in Liverpool.”

Ignite speakers get 20 slides at 15 seconds each, to tell the world about their greatest passion. Past subjects have been as wide and as varied as Victorian cannibals, Batman’s successes, OCD, beer prices, bell ringing, saving cinemas, cathedrals, flags and Wimpy restaurants.

 Previous speaker, Pam Holstein who shared her love of analogue photography, said: “It was a great experience and I felt a real sense of achievement and people came to speak to me afterwards to find out more.”

Neil continued: “We know that Liverpool’s student community has aspiring rock stars keen to share their interests. We are looking forward to a great event on the 1st November.”

Booking is free and is done via our online facility.

Ignite Liverpool is organisaed by How Why DIY CIC and is supported by Open Labs at Liverpool John Moores University

Listing Information

Ignite Liverpool

Date: 1st November

Time: 6.00-11pm

Venue: Liverpool Guild of Students


Cost: Free but please book

Tickets available from:

Refreshments: Pay Bar




Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Notes to editors:

How Why DIY
A Community Interest Company that is involved in the production of a number of events in Liverpool including Ignite Liverpool and Social Media Café Liverpool.

It produces workshops and talks that aim to promote a better understanding of the digital realm for all ages


Ignite Liverpool

Enlighten Us but make it quick – is the motto. These events are open, simple and short sessions where presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. 

Give it A Go

Give It A Go is Liverpool Guild of Students’ brand new activity programme, set up to make sure that students get the very most out of your time here. How much members get involved is up to them; it’s all about getting a taste for what they enjoy and experiencing something different!

Throughout the year, it will now be possible for students to attend taster sessions; drop in on an intriguing society to find out what they are all about or for them to join one of LGoS’ volunteering projects for an afternoon. Students will also be able to develop some invaluable skills and training by signing up to one of LGoS’ new courses. A huge part of ‘Give It A Go’ will be trips all around the UK; an opportunity for LgoS’ members to meet new friends and see some beautiful and fun places with friendly and helpful staff.  Or as LGoS likes to put it - it's a chance to experience, experiment and explore.

For more information and a full timetable of events, please see the website or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Taken from the Ignite Liveprool Press Release

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    This time around with a slight difference as it all takes place on Star Wars day, yes the 4th May, or to say it correctly May the forth. There is an eclectic line up of speakers as you would expect with one or two specific Star Wars related talks to raise the flag.

    If you are interested in the digital sector and a fair few of the audience members are, then the highlights for you are  then you'll love the IX Liverpool talk, Brett Lempereur's talk on the IPBill and how to fight Global Poverty through the use of Technology and as if there isn't enough of it in the news there is even a talk about the EU referendum.


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