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Ignite Journey's to the future for Liverpool Makefest

This summer Ignite Liverpool, will be journeying to the future by asking the question, What might life be like in 2049? Aside from Ignite's quarterly event which showcases Liverpool’s movers and shakers, creators, thinkers, tinkers, innovators and doers, makers and dreamers in a fast paced format designed to inspire (try saying that with a mouthful of Haribo) Ignite also does special one off events like this for Liverpool Makefest.

So What life might be like in 2049? You are invited to submit a proposal to talk at Ignite Futures, Liverpool MakeFest 2019

We were promised back in the 1980's that we would be living on the moon by now, but alas we're not there yet. Although many of us are hoping for Elon Musk to make it to Mars on a his one way ticket rocket, it looks like living on the Moon may be another 30 years off so maybe it is time to start making the most of what we have going on right here on Terra Firma.   

Ignite are looking for people wishing to talk on one of the following themes, answering questions as to what life might be like in 2049. If we don't start planning now who knows where we will be in 30 years time. 

  • Transportation and transportation systems
  • Medicine and Longevity
  • Architecture and the City
  • Society and Governance
  • Ecology

They already have about 15 speakers lined up to talk at the day long event so do get your talk submitted as as soon as you can. 

This really is your chance to let go and dream about how you wish you will be living your life in 30 years time. 

If you are interested in talking then you will need to complete a form on the Ignite website and remember before submitting your talk you will need to be available on that day and at a time specified by Ignite. You can listen to them talking about last years event here .

How does submitting a talk work:

1. Visit the find out more link below to submit your Talk Idea
2. They’ll email you to confirm your Talk Idea
3. You’ll produce a 20 slide 5 minute long presentation and send it to us by the Talk deadline.
4. They’ll email you a talk time slot for the 29th June
5. You’ll present your talk which will be followed by a short audience Q&A session.

Open to people of all ages.

Venue: Central Library, William Brown Street, Liverpool, L3

Find Out More

The event itself takes place as part of Makefest at the Central Library

Date: 29th June

Times: 11- 4pm 

Find out more:

You can fine out about other activities at Liverpool Makefest here and listen along to their podcast. 


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