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Bring flowers for a night of passion at Leaf Cafe

ignite-heartIgnite Liverpool is back and this time with love on it's mind.

It is taking place on the eve of the Valentines Day so no surprise there then. 

They'll be talks on such passion raising subjects as  the Neuroscience behind Love, Vertical Gardening and  the best selling singles of the 1980′s. All the talks may not be about love but Relax, with the Power of Love we’ll be Ride on Time to give speakers their 5 minutes of Fame. (Sorry about that) So get yourself along on Thursday 13th - FREE Tickets available here 

More information is available below about speakers and subjects.

 Loving and being passionate about something is an important part of the whole Ignite experience especially for the organisers?

 I don’t think I speak out of turn when I say that we theOrganisers wouldn’t have carried on with it for 4 years if we hadn’t been so passionate about it. I love the knowledge sharing that takes place – I love the passion of the speakers and I love the audience who come to listen to others speak with passion.

Hell I just love Ignite.

Said Neil Morrin one of teh co-organisers of Ignite

Below is a list of speakers for their great Ignite "Love in" 

Xi SiZhe - Vertical Farming
The problem for the world is that we are soon facing a food and water shortage in developing countries such as China and India. We rely on weather and are not resilient. Vertical farming decentralises food production, much in the same way 3D printing has enabled manufacturing to be more accessible.

Did you know that Canada’s name came from a French explorer getting the name of a village wrong  -  I’m here to teach you about Canada in the weirdest way possible.

Neil Kazimierz Sheridan - An insight into the neuroscience of Love 

Tom Owens - The Many World Championships of Finland

Tom Williamson  - ”The Korean War in 5 minutes
Often referred to as “”The Forgotten War”", the Korean War can be seen as the first major conflict of the Cold War. In this talk, I will give a summary of the war, it’s causes and how the result of the war affects the world today.

Glynne Owen offers an enlightened dissection of the slow, painful death of the mass marketing of mass produced products, ending with a what if, introducing new schools of thought.

Alun Parry - The Drama Triangle
The drama triangle is a really accessible interest concept that will enlighten people about the nature of their own relationships, and the psychological games they unwittingly play with each other.”

Geraint Parry - The best selling singles of the 1980s’ (sung).
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Plus talks by Steve Sparrow, Lucy Bricheno and Amanda Gleaves

ARE YOU INTO IMPROVISATION: We’ll be rounding off the night with a round of Ignite Slide Karaoke - It’s where we give you twenty random slides and ask you to improvise a talk on the spot that “kind of” goes with the slides. If you are up for giving this a go then let us know straight off by telling one of the organisers.

The event is upstairs at Leaf Cafe on Bold Street and you can book here to join the coolest crowd around – yep we love the Ignite Liverpool crowd.

Doors Open: 6pm
Talks Start: 6.45pm
Close: 9pm

WATCH AT HOME:  If you can’t make it down in person then you can sit back at home, watch the Live video stream and join the conversation online using the twitter hashtag #igniteliv Live Stream: Ustream

See you there… you don’t have to bring flowers but we’ll like it if you do.

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