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Thursday, 26 April 2012 08:59

The Creative Exchange Launchpad - Manchester

Creative Exchange

This is a free to attend afternoon conference examining the opportunities presented by the concept of digital public space, where anyone, anywhere, anytime on any device will be able to access, explore and create with digitised cultural content. This is presented in conjunction with Futureeverything and Manchester Digital Developement Agency

16th May 2012, 2pm - 5.30pm, Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

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Saturday, 14 April 2012 07:35

Copyright & Piracy in the Digital Age


Copyright & Piracy in the Digital Age - Are we all criminals? 

A subject which is close to many of our hearts and is a real highlight from the Writing on the Wall Festival, the issues of Copyright and Piracy are now ever present in todays society as most of the population own, have listened to or watched a pirated version of a TV programme, Movie or album. You can't use  youtube without possibily violating someone elses copyright so we have all become criminals for mere consumption of material... well that can't be right. A proposed Government bill on Digital Copyright only saw the light of day for a week before being thrown into the long grass of politics.

This event can only help us to inderstand the issues behind this subject area so come along on the 3rd May. 

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setgoThis looks so good I booked myself on to it and should be as it's a subject I am really interested in but would never know about how to find out more about it - so this is a perfect opportunity. The digital designer’s playbook is taking place on 30th March 2012 @ 1.00pm and is FREE to attend and only a couple of hours long. 

So what is it then I hear you ask?

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5926037286_6ddda6aab3_oWe finally see it - a year in the making but now Hack for Culture has a name it can't be sued over. It is set to set the world of arts data alight by bringing the glorious arts & cultural organisations of Liverpool together with Merseyside's Digital and Creative industries to explore and experiment with a wide variety of hidden cultural data sets.  

"A data set (or dataset) is a collection of data, usually presented in tabular form. Each column represents a particular variable. Each row corresponds to a given member of the data set in question. It lists values for each of the variables, such as height and weight of an object. Each value is known as a datum. The data set may comprise data for one or more members, corresponding to the number of rows." Wikipedia - so probably wrong. 


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Sunday, 25 September 2011 00:06

Open your data

yes that is a USB sticking out of a Wall

Do you have some data to share? Are you worried about the cloud? Do you know where your data is stored? Come and take part in a DropDay: an AND festival datasharing session using artist Aram Bartholl's DeadDrops 'peer to peer (ish) offline sharing system'

A DropDay is a meeting with a group of people to think up locations and content for Aram Bartholl's DeadDrops File sharing system
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Monday, 12 September 2011 18:17

Make Jelly Ignite

jellyLiverpoolA simple play on words has you all so interested but I'm simply cutting down words so I have more time to tell you about Maker Night, Jelly Liverpool and Ignite Liverpool all in one article. (yes I do call this an article.)

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Monday, 05 September 2011 22:23

Liverpool’s Innovative New Way Of Tourism

tourismapp3A new tourism app for Liverpool – Liverpool Tourism Guide App - was released on the 11th of August 2011 by App Tours UK, headed by history enthusiast Larry Murphy, and the technical team Red Ninja Studios. Joining the likes of other popular tourist destinations creating tourism apps such as New York, LA and Dublin, the Liverpool Tourism Guide App is truly a revolution regarding touring the historic city of Liverpool.
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Monday, 22 August 2011 16:07

Date announced for Tedx Liverpool

Image courtesy of @cubicgarden aka BBC Backstage Ian TEdx is back - it was last here in 2009 but it is back this November.

If you have never been then think Ignite style talks but longer and more technology orientated usually.

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elvis guitar

From the sonic art archive

Kaffe Matthews -

August Rain In New York Doorways

Click to listen and for a free download




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