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It would be a lie to say we hadn't been up to much

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You may tyhink of us as sitting back here not doing anything, but you woudl be wrong. We have been really busy building websites for other people and over the summer we have trained about 200 new business in how to build their own wordpresss sites.

The cobblers son went barefoot

The phrase "the cobblers son went barefoot" was mentioned to me recently while I was talking to a class about digital marketing, I'd complained about my own website how I'd not had time to spend updating the content or on actually keeping it looking halfway decent. That's true but it is something which I am going to remedy shortly mainly because we keep on getting work building Joomla websites for organisations and I can hardly have my own falling behind. 

So over the coming months....  I never said I was a fast worker we'll be redesigning it and giving it back its swing. With of course more news and events details - which to be honest is what i like doing the most - giving people relevant news. I'll also be cleaning up some loose threads on the site.

If you have any preferences for what you woudl like to see on the site then do feel free to let me know in the usual way - send me a telegram - I'm hip to these new communication methods.

The exciting news for 2015 is that we have a raft a new professional development workshops starting up with new workshop leaders and loads of new subject areas, but more news on that later.

Defnet Media - internet safety barriers have been removed   

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