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Sunday, 15 February 2015 22:44

An essential guide to Search Engine Optimization - SEO

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This one day workshop for new and existing businesses will help you increase the visibility of your website within Search Engines results. Covering topics such as Keywords, Googles Search Algorithm, Link Building and your content, this workshop will give you a clear and concise understanding of how search engines work and what they are indexing on your site.

In this simple to follow day, you will receive detailed information on a number of SEO areas, each giving you a deeper understanding of how you can make SEO work for your website and therefore your business.

The workshops will help you answer the following questions

What tools and criteria should you use for Keyword selection?
How does Google search work and what is an Algorithm?
What are Search Engine Results Pages and why do they look the way they do?
Why do we have map listings and why are they important?
How does Universal Search affect my ranking?
What is Meta Data and what does it look like?
What is User Experience Design and why it's important for your SEO.
In the more advanced section of the day, we'll be looking at Advanced SEO Tactics through Link-building, Content, Link-bait and essential SEO tools.

Common Website Problems will also be addressed, such as Not being indexed, being Keyword poor, lack of Meta data and Duplicate Content

At the end of the day long session there will be time to discuss your own particular website or SEO issues.

Whether you are an existing business or simply want to develop your skills, this workshop is perfect for you. This one day course is delivered by an SEO specialist with over 8 years working in the field.

Register your Interest below:
To attend, register your interest to secure a place on the list, once we have enough people to attend we will contact you again with dates and costs.

Workshop prices range from £39 to £99 depending on the type and duration of the workshop.





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