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Sunday, 15 February 2015 22:39

Professional Podcasting & New Media Workshop

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Podcasting has only been around since 2005 but already it's become part of the mainstream media. Almost every TV show, radio station and newspaper these days publishes podcasts to complement their offerings. Recording and publishing a podcast can be done by anyone without a large budget and that's the beauty of it, but not everyone can do it well.

Dan LynchOn this course you'll learn professional tips from Dan Lynch, a podcaster and audio engineer with years of experience working on some of the most popular technology shows in the world. TWIT.tv, LinuxOutlaws, RatholeRadio and more.

The course will cover:

● What microphones and audio equipment to use depending on your needs.

● How to record the cleanest audio possible in interviews and other situations.

● How to edit your audio into a professional and polished sounding show.

● Encoding and tagging the files for best results on iTunes and other platforms.

● Publishing your show, managing RSS feeds, using Content Delivery Networks and even building a website to host it if needed.

Whether you're looking to promote your business, become a broadcast journalist or just have some fun, podcasting is the way to do it.

Register your Interest above:
To attend, register your interest to secure a place on the list, once we have enough people to attend we will contact you again with dates and exact costs.

Workshop prices range from £39 to £99 depending on the type and duration of the workshop.




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