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Jelly Liverpool Jelly Liverpool

If there was a collective noun for freelancers it would be Jelly, a Jelly of freelancers. Jelly Liverpool is a regular coworking opportunity for Digital freelancers and I am one of those digital freelancers that attends regularly... In fact I help organise it.  

jelly lydiaIt was way back in 2010 when Jelly Liverpool was started by Open Labs as a way to bring together the Liverpool Digital community. Open Labs did this mainly so they could get a good feel for the size of the existing digital community and to see what was going on within it, how did it work etc. That first one was in the Studio on Parry Street and there wasn’t a great turnout, I know I was there.

Over the years Jelly has taken place at Leaf cafe, Static Gallery, FACT, the Adagio, Ziferblat and Launch22. Not that many places considering the length of time it has been running.

If you are part of that Liverpool Digital creative space then why not come along to a day long work-in. 

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 The next Jelly is on October 6th at Launch 22

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Recorded Live at Leaf Cafe on 4th May


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