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Get creative with Prototype!

prototype at Fact prototype at Fact

If you took the Kids along to Makerfest last weekend then you'll be interested in these workshops form FACT Liverpool coming up over the summer with their Prototype Summer School. 

So let your kids experiment with coding, creating and experimenting while you get on with work. 

Prototype summer school with FACTLab

27 - 29 July / 10.30am - 4pm / £60 (8-11 yrs)
10 - 12 August / 10.30am - 4pm / £60 (12-14 yrs)

Get creative with technology! By focusing on Minecraft and the themes of our exhibition as part of the City-wide Liverpool Biennial, you will work with technologists and artists from FACT's experimental FACTLab programme. Over the three days, you will explore and build within a virtual world, create communication tools and experiment with electronics and coding.

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Prototype Summer School with Neil Winterburn

03 - 05 August / 10.30am - 4pm/ £60 (8-11 yrs)
17 - 19 August / 10.30am - 4pm / £60 (12-14 yrs)

Known for his hands-on approach to art and technology, artist Neil Winterburn will work with you to look at how art and science interact. Offering up a range of activities, you will spend three days tinkering with circuits, handling code and using everyday materials to bring new and exciting creations to life.

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We have run loads of workshops with Neil at Youth Clubs around Liverpool so this one is bound to be fun.  

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