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North West Coast Connected Health Ecosystem transforming healthcare

The headline may be a bit confusing but if your work within the digital sector this could be just the thing to help you make the right connections in the Health sphere as Thursday 26 June will see the launch of the North West Coast Connected Health Ecosystem.   

The Ecosystem will bring together partners from health and social care, industry, academia and patient organisations to focus on improving health across the North West Coast at the same time as generating economic benefits for the region, through the uptake and deployment of connected health solutions. 

Connected Health is an umbrella term which includes eHealth, mHealth, Digital Health, pHealth, telehealth, telecare along with other terms which promote the use of technology within health. Learn more about Connected Health Ecosystems here.

The Ecosystem is being held in conjunction with the North West Coast Academic Health Science Network, Liverpool International Business Forum and the European Connected Health Alliance. It is part of the European Connected Health Alliance International Network of Connected Health Ecosystems.

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Register here to attend or visit www.echalliance.com for more information.

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