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Workshop: Beginners guide to Arduino @doesliverpool

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If you are interested in "Arduino" the open processing board then this workshop is the place to start, whether you are a hobbyist, artists or just looking for a new toy to impress your geeky friends. 

Arduino is the open source electronics platform that's very popular with makers, artists, designers and hobbyists. It's designed from the beginning to be as simple as possible to get started with electronics, while being as open and expandable as you need, as your experience increases. 

The workshop is being run by Def-Proc (no relation) and can be booked through Eventbrite for the 17th May workshop.

Here are some more details.   

If you've been worried or unsure about starting with electronics, this is the easiest and most friendly way to get started. As part of the course, you will

  • You'll connect an Arduino board to a computer, 
  • Learn about the simple way you can control an Arduino, 
  • Start connecting up LED lights and controlling them as outputs
  • Connect up buttons as inputs and use them
  • Then once you're confident, we'll open up the direction of learning so you can start learning about connecting up and controlling motors, temperature sensors, variable resistors, transistors, servos, 3 colour LEDs, relays.

By the end of the day, you will be confident and knowledgeable enough in Arduino, to start making your own circuits, building your own projects and affecting your environment through electronics.

I'm not very confident with electronics or computers, will this course help me?

Yes, we're starting from the very beginning. If you've had little or no experience with electronics, this will help you get started. By the end of the day I'll have you writiing code that gets run on a microcontrollor to control electronics ­— and you'll understand what you're doing!

But what is an Arduino and what can I use it for?

Arduino is a little computer board that you can easily interface with electronic sensors, lights, motors, bubble machines, robot arms, drawing machines, clocks that write the time, artistic installations, knitting machines, twitter notifiers, internes connected printers, robots, minecraft light switches, soil moisture sensors, wireless infra red motion sensors… and more. 

If you'd like more information, take a look at arduino.cc 

Which ticket is best for me?

If you have an Arduino already, or you're not sure about wanting to take one home, just take the "Instruction only" ticket. If you're not sure, and want to find out about Arduino before you commit, you can still buy your Arduino and parts at the end of the day for £30 and take them home with you.

If you're interested in Arduino and want to have your own to continue experimenting with at the end of the day, choose "Istruction plus an Arduino and parts"

What do I need to bring with me?

Bring yourself and a computer.

Is there a minimum age?

There's no strict lower age limit, but you will need to be literate to program in the Arduino environment, and it's a full day course. Therefore, participants should be over 7 years old, although over 13's will probably get more out of the course. As this is not a "childrens activity" participants under 16 will need to be accompanied by an adult. It's the adults choice if they would like to help the participant of if they would like their own ticket and work on their own Arduino project!

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