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Learning in your sleep at Liverpool Sci Bar

Liverpool Sci Bar

The next SciBar is on learning in your sleep.  What does the brain do when we are asleep?  You may think it just switches off, but scientists know that this is far from the case. Dr Penny Lewis from the University of Manchester will talk about the complex patterns of brain activity that make up a night of sleep, and explore the mysterious question of what sleep could possibly be for.



Remember there's no such thing as a silly question at SciBar!

We know that memories are replayed in the brain while we sleep, and evidence suggests that such replay may help us cross-link them to other knowledge. In her talk, Penny will explore these possibilities, and also talk about how memory reactivation in sleep relates to dreaming.  As always the audience will be welcome to give their own opinions and ask questions.  


Date: Tuesday 2nd October
Time: 7:30pm
Where: Ship and Mitre, Dale Street, Liverpool  

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