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My Global Entrepreneur Week - recommends

GEC_approved_eventThere is a lot going on in Liverpool this week and I'm abit late in checking out what's going on, in my case there is to much going on as I will get to as much as I'd like. 

So lets Kick it off. 

Wednesday Morning - VERY early start 

Calling all technology entrepreneurs, innovators, and community health professionals!
Liverpool Community Health (LCH) will be laying out their vision for the future of community healthcare at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in March.

This event is your opportunity to meet key decision makers from leading health organisations who embrace the notion of innovation in the health sector and recognise the growing significance of technology in delivering community health services. LCH is using the Global Entrepreneurship Congress as an ideal stage to present their current use of technology, and vision for the future.

For this vision to become a reality the organisation recognises the value of quality partnerships with innovative private and third sector companies, and is urging the private sector to join them at this event and work to explore the future of community health services.


Wednesday Evening - Open Source Entrepreneurship - A Fringe Event of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress.

Looking at ways entrepreneurs have found to mutually aid each other's businesses for the good of all.

Especially in the technology sector, but across the start-up scene in general, entrepreneurs are coming together to share commercial understanding. This is because business owners recognise they are more likely to thrive in the context of a strong local industry than they are in isolation. By assisting the growth of your competitor, you are adding value to your own company.

We explore this reality with reference to Liverpool, the North West and the 'Silicon Roundabout' in London. From Hacker spaces, to Lean Start-up Groups to Un-conferences, technology sector businesses are creating the basis of their own success from within their own culture. A panel of industry experts considers what we are doing for ourselves, and how best to improve on what already is proving so useful.

Practical tips, utopian dreaming and a solid networking opportunity for all bootstrapping entrepreneurs out there. Free, but if you want to be sure of a place register on Eventbrite. 

Wednesday Evening - Makernight

A bit of hands on tech hacking madness - well it is in my hands. For others they actually create things which are useful -  It should be 7-9pm at The Art and Design Academy, just over the road from the last event. No booking needed.

Thursday Evening - Ignite Liverpool 

An evening of presentations - where we aim to enlighten Livepool one presentation at a time. Members of the public are invited to present on subjects that they are passionate about - 6pm - 9pm at Leaf Cafe Bold Street. You can find out more here This is a REALLY COOL EVENT - I help organse this just thought you ought to know.

Have a great week


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