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Tuesday, 09 February 2010 00:00

Art in Liverpool podcast 10 february 2010

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Creating something out of nothing plus a creative mission to the Baltic - all on this weeks Art in Liverpool podcast

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Penguin Auction completed on Friday - Splashy sold for £1600 which is good but about 1/3 had no bids. Not had any announcement from the organisers yet. The Parade in St George's Hall was nice but sad in a way.

We discuss the New look Daily Post briefly along with the new Baltic Triangle board, that's the area they used to call the artists independent district. I think I liked it more that way but I suppose no one way to support anything that had independent in it's title - it made them sound like pirates 


Enjoyed the Eyewash exhibition at CUC - finishes this week (probably)

The China thru the lens exhibition at the Maritime Mus (2nd Floor) is very good and really interesting.
China: Through the Lens of John Thomson 1868 – 1872 5 February – 6 June 2010
The vanished world of Imperial China is vividly captured on glass plates by an intrepid Scottish photographer
John Thomson who travelled throughout the country meeting people from all walks of life. The exhibition startlingly reveals the character of the vast empire mainly through its remarkable people.

Clifford Sayer at the Gallery opened but not seen yet nor Steve des Landes at View Two

Hollywood Homeless photos on railings around St Lukes - Great looking and can't wait to see more


STARTS: Susan Ironfield – Harmonic Images

Susann-Ironfield-100TUESDAY 9 February 2010 at Unity Theatre
Susan Ironfield was born in Accrington and has studied languages and music at Liverpool University. She has been exhibiting since 1976.Whilst living in Düsseldorf for over 20 years Susan took up a new art form which combines music with art to produce Harmonic Images. Exhibition details

LECTURE: Academy Lectures - Adam Chodzko

ljmu-academy-100WEDNESDAY 10 February 2010, 16.00 onwards at Liverpool School of Art and Design, LJMU
Adam Chodzko’s art explores the interactions of human behaviour. Using a wide variety of media - from video to performance to fly-posters to drawing - his work explores a collective wondering: how can we engage with the existence of others? How else might we relate? And what reality emerges from the search for this knowledge?  Free entry to all.

VIEWING: Blind Alchemy: Rachel Adams | Ian Giles

THURSDAY 11 February, 18.00 - 20.00 at Royal Standard 
The Royal Standard is pleased to announce Blind Alchemy, the second in a series of collaborative projects between artists Rachel Adams and Ian Giles. One of the pursuits of the alchemist, turning lead into gold, lies in the no man’s land between scientific procedure and magical reaction. Turning nothing into something is a key part of both artist’s practices. Exhibition details

STARTS - Strokes of the Brush - Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy

vgm-100sqFRIDAY 12 February 2010 at Victoria Gallery & Museum, University of Liverpool 
This exhibition draws on the British Museum's collection to illustrate the developments in Chinese calligraphy since World War II. Venue details

PLANTASTIC opens at World Museum

This fun interactive science exhibition reveals the wonderful world of plants and shows how they interact with people, animals, insects and each other. The exhibition explains how we use plants in our daily lives often without realising it, and how they are essential for the world’s survival.

Enter a magical realm with giant leafy canopies, massive seed pods, huge root systems and strange man-made trees. Forty fascinating interactive exhibits and games, help to uncover the secrets of this amazing world.

There are areas where you can relax and be inspired by nature or find out more about topical issues and their effects on plants such as biodiversity and climate change.

LIVE ARTS EVENT: Wrong Love at A Foundation

wrong-love-100SATURDAY 13 February 2010, 21.00 - 3.00am at A Foundation
Liverpool’s biggest Independent Live Arts Event of 2010.
WRONG LOVE is a night of intimate performances, site-specific installation, audio visual art and live music which will use the banner of an alternative Valentine’s Day celebration to ask questions about romance, sexuality, unconventional love and where art is headed in this new decade.


CAMILLE-CALUDEL-2008-506SATURDAY 13 and SUNDAY 14 February 2010 Art Interference - "ABOUT LOVE" by Elisa Freitas Machado - Inside Waterstone's Liverpool One
When: 13th Feb at 13:00 and repeat at 15:00.  14th Feb at 13:00

STARTS: ‘Natures Forms’ Joel Bird

joelbird_magpies_100MONDAY 15 February 2010 at The Coach House, Calderstones Park
For this exhibition Joel focuses more on our harmony with the natural world. The works show landscapes and people interacting with their environments. The lines of flux and flow are an attempt to reconcile our duality as nature has.
Exhibition details


VIEWING: a solitary cosmopolitan

justin-eagle-100THURSDAY 18 February 2010, 18.00 - 20.00 at Arena Gallery
For our first exhibition of 2010, Arena Gallery presents work by London based artist
Justin Eagle. Eagle will be presenting new sculptural and photographic work for this exhibition ‘a solitary cosmopolitan’. Exhibition details

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