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Sunday, 14 February 2010 00:00

Art in Liverpool podcast 17 february 2010

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steve connor

This week we bring you Shops Up Front, The Liverpool Map plus the Philosophy of Fidgets- all on this weeks Art in Liverpool podcast

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Shops Up Front -


Artists often look longingly at the empty shops and say how they would love to display their work there. Well now at least some will be able to through the new Shops Up Front scheme. There is even some funding to help you.




egg-duoEGGSPACE - karen & jazamin duo exhibition

11 February - 7 March 2010
Duo exhibition by Karen Henley & Jazamin Sinclair curated by headspace.

Ian and Mina also made it to Have a look at Clifford Sayer's Literalism exhib - Ian verdict was excellent.

Daily Post & Echo Building - The Liverpool Map exhibition

liverpool-map-echo-dp-100The Liverpool Map exhibition 
15-26 February 2010

An exhibition charting the creation of a new art work that will stand in the Museum of Liverpool opens at the
Daily Post offices on Old Hall Street, Liverpool. Created by international artistsInge Paneels and Jeffery Sarmiento, the sculpture will be made up of 5ft-tall panels of glass. The exhibition includes photographs used in the piece’s manufacture and samples of glass showing how it will be fused together.

Night at the Museum - VIP Fundraising dinner event. The New Museum of Liverpool is looking fantastic but just an empty shell at the moment - great views of course. Opens Spring 2011 - You can see Ian and Min's great pictures here.

Plantastic at World Museum is great fun for the family, and Wrong Love at A Foundation was an interesting alt-valentine 'happeninig' (Ian and Mina left before midnight coz they are in their own words - boring). I arrived late and left at the end - Not sure what that means.


TALK - Ruth Ball 'Glass Metal Fire'

imageWEDNESDAY 17 February 2010, 13-14.00 at The Walker. FREE - Tickets avaliable from the gallery.
Designer Enameller Ruth Ball will be giving a talk about her work and techniques.

Glass Metal Fire
is a new display of work in the Craft and Design Gallery by designer enameller Ruth Ball. The showcase outlines the various methods of enamelling, highlighting how traditional techniques can be used in a contemporary way. Ruth is highly aclaimed for her innovation in enamel as well as her commitment to educational work in this specialist area.

TALK - A Philosophy of Fidgets

steven-connorWEDNESDAY 17 Feb 2010 16-18.00 at LJMU Academy, Duckinfield St.
Liverpool Biennial 'Touched' Talk

Professor Steven Connor examines the reasons behind why we fidget.

Fidgeting has a difficult reputation. It suggests a kind of restlessness, a vague, sourceless unease. I think we should be willing to see more in fidgeting than just this futile, fitful fevering. I will think about a number of fidgetable objects, including paperclips and elastic bands, to suggest that fidgeting is a process of searching for an ideal 'thinking thing', which conjoins tactility and reflection. When we fidget, we put ourselves into play, we use fidgetable objects to play with ourselves, even to play with our own play, seeking its possibilities and limits. The secret magic of such things is their capacity, as we give thought through and to them, to give our thought back to itself.

Free - More Details and Booking

VIEWING: a solitary cosmopolitan

justin-eagle-100THURSDAY 18 February 2010, 18.00 - 20.00 at Arena Gallery
For our first exhibition of 2010, Arena Gallery presents work by London based artist
Justin Eagle. Eagle will be presenting new sculptural and photographic work for this exhibition ‘a solitary cosmopolitan’. Exhibition details

VIEWING: Paintings by Stan Cropper

stan-cropper-100SATURDAY 20 February 2010, 17.00 - 20.00 at Lark Lane Atelier
Paintings by Stan Cropper. The wildness of the Pennines explored in watercolours.
Exhibition details

TALK / PERFORMANCE Migration Songs 1

kwame_dawes-100SATURDAY, 20 February 2010  18:30 - 21:00 at the Bluecoat. Migration Songs I: Kwame Dawes and Ray Costello
Kwame Dawes
presents a combined lecture/performance on the Black Atlantic, exploring how literature, reggae and popular culture have dealt with narratives of the slave trade and the Middle Passage. A Forward Prize for Poetry recipient, he was born in Ghana and spent his early adult life in Jamaica.




Metal at Edge Hill Station - Leo Asemota: The Handmaiden

celestial_consonance-100WEDNESDAY 24 February 18.30 - 21.00 at Metal at Edge Hill Station
Incorporating fragments and found objects recovered from the renovation project at Edge Hill station during his residency with influences from the project’s first phase developed in response to his experience in Liverpool, Leo Asemota's The Handmaiden is an installation for Edge Hill Station to mark the second phase of the project. This exhibition is part of Liverpool and the Black Atlantic, a series of exhibitions and events that explores connections between cultures and continents. Exhibition details


We filled out the end of the show by talking about Global Ignite Liverpool - details HERE and more here on the How Why DIY Ning

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