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Make your own News as the Citizen revolution begins!

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The "Making News Roadshow" is a series of free-of-charge large-scale workshops in citizen TV reporting in locations around the UK, organised by visionOntv, an internet television station and training project based in London. It kicks off in Liverpool on the weekend of 17th June, at The Casa, 29 Hope Street, L1 9BQ. The programme is also international, starting in Japan in September.


"Making News" is a radically different approach from conventional video training. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the skills of news reporting have been boiled down to a few cartoons on a single side of paper. Students will learn how to make quality news reports with their mobile phone, or even no camera at all (just using downloaded photos).

Richard Hering, an ex-TV investigative reporter and one of the visionOntv trainers, comments: "For the coming citizen TV revolution, people don't need expensive equipment, they just need some basic skills." Director of visionOntv Hamish Campbell adds: "There's far too much wobbly-cam out there with bad sound and no story-telling. With what we're offering, students can match the mainstream media."

The Liverpool leg of the tour is partnered by Liverpool Trades Union Council and the student group Merseyside Network against Fees and Cuts. Celia Watson from MNAFC attended a previous Making News workshop in London. "There are as many angles on a news story as there are people witnessing it. Also, lots of stories don't get covered. visionOntv is giving people all the skills they need to make their own news and get their story out."

The Facebook event for this is here

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