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You think you own it but do you?

who owns it who owns it

What is labour in the contemporary media economy and how might it be paid for? What are some of the issues that arts institutions and media workers face with regards to intellectual property?

Who Owns It? is a talk fest on open source culture and intellectual property law in partnership that takes place next Tuesday 12th June at FACT Liveprool. 

Watch the Video below from Dan Lynch to find out more. 

Chaired by Boo Chapple & Dan Lynch Supported by OpenLabs, How Why DIY, FACT and Open Source City 12 June 6 – 8.30pm 

To register (FREE) please visit

Short presentations by three industry representatives will be followed by an informal facilitated group discussion.

Ben Prangell is a lawyer who specialises in media and intellectual property law and works with the Liverpool based firm Shipley IP.

Joscelyn Upendran is a lawyer, a representative of Creative Commons UK, and sits on the board of the Furtherfield Gallery, a London based organisation working with arts, technology and social change.

Simon Poulter is an artist and arts business and digital media consultant. He has worked with several local institutions including FACT, METAL, and the AND Festival.

Dan Lynch is a broadcaster, writer and musician from Linux Outlaws fame in Liverpool and Boo Chapple is a curator at FACT 

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