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Tourists guide to Liverpool

Tourists guide to Liverpool (3)

A selection of audio guides to Liverpool for tourists and citizens alike. 
Wednesday, 07 January 2009 23:25

Heritage Tour

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Audio tour delivered by Lloyd Grossman  

Liverpool's bid for World Heritage status - based on the city's world famous waterfront and cultural buildings - was approved by UNESCO in July 2004. 

The city's bid was centred on Liverpool as a Maritime Mercantile city and reflected the city's significance as a commercial port at the time of Britain's greatest global influence.

Discover more about Liverpool with our World Heritage walking tour around the city. Heritage expert Loyd Grossman will take you on an hour-long tour through the city's eight centuries of history.

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Heritage walk map

World Heritage Map

Produced by Liverpool City Council 

Friday, 17 October 2008 23:15

Enjoy England's guide to Liverpool

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Listen to the official Enjoy England Audio Guide to Liverpool.   

Read what it says it is taken from the Enjoy England website. - "Visit The European Capital of Culture 2008 and fond out what's going on this year." I'm fond of Liverpool to.

Friday, 10 October 2008 23:39

Stuart Marconie's Guide to Liverpool

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Stuart Marconie has been out and about around the North West for the regional development agency recording his experiences. "Stuart's Stories on the move!" as they are called sees him experience - Ferry cross the Mersey...he meets Eric, Vasily and Cap'n Jim - find out what goes on on Stuarts visit with Film stars, politicians, singers, actors. For the glitterati of the early post-war era, there was but one way to enter Liverpool. How true!




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