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Wednesday, 27 May 2009 17:38

Sounds From the Other City 2009

Buy MeSalford

Sunday 3rd May 2009

Showcasing bands who haven’t been trampled to submission and soul-sucked by the music industry yet, the SFTOC festival featured nine venues (thankfully all close to each other) and over thirty acts, compressed into a chronological gridlock of 3PM to 11PM. Therefore, my companion and I decided to adopt a stripped-down ‘Dogme 95’ style of criticism. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Two songs minimum from each band we managed to catch. How very magnanimous of us. However, owing to laziness and drink, we only managed to actually watch five bands. Very unprofessional, but we’re old now and I resent young people. It’s about

as much as I can do to be in the same room as some Ting-Ting lookalike for more than five minutes and not vomit blood.


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Saturday, 05 June 2010 12:35

Interview with Dan Lynch at Oggcamp 10

If you missed Oggcamp at the beginning of May then you missed a really note worthy conference in Liverpool's burgeoning Tech scene.

You can find out more about the conference from this (unedited) video interview with Dan Lynch one of the organisers and an active member of the Liverpool Open Source community.

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Friday, 23 April 2010 13:52

A Social Media Cafe for Liverpool

A quick update on this - there now is a Social Media Cafe in Liverpool go here for further information 14 June 2010


Ok so it's not an original idea so few of  them are these days, but having one in Liverpool is - Don't get to excited about it being a cafe it isn't - that just an expression as it woudl take place in a cafe or more hopefully a friendly hostelry.

The idea is to have a meet up once a month where presentations are given and where you can find out about such malarky as RSS feeds and Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Foursquare and etc etc etc - the list goes on. Social Media is great for letting your audience know what you are up to but also for them telling you what they think about it.

Manchester already has a social media cafe which is really useful and it's about time Liverpool had one to.

Have you ever been to a presentation given by a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company where before the talk starts you are looking for the door? I have That is why I  think that this is such a good idea as it all takes place in a nice space where you can come to all or just one of the presentations. A one to one surgery element is also an additional option where you could receive one to one advice from the presenters or organisers.

Is it for you? - well yes - it's free so what have you got to lose; the door is always open.

A few people have put their forward forward to say that they are keen to help out and even a venue that said they want to be used. So the next thing to do is to actually sort it all out.

Here are some social media ramblings by me on one of my other blogs

Next up I suppose is rallying some people around to talk about a format and dates. If your interested in getting involved either to attend, present or organise then leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

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elvis guitar

From the sonic art archive

Kaffe Matthews -

August Rain In New York Doorways

Click to listen and for a free download




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