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Wednesday, 29 June 2016 15:19

EHealth cluster news

Seeking innovative solutions to improve Health Care in the Liverpool City Region.

We love Liverpool's ehealth cluster, so we're always happy to share their news. 

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If there was a collective noun for freelancers it would be Jelly, a Jelly of freelancers. Jelly Liverpool is a regular coworking opportunity for Digital freelancers 

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016 12:32

Inspiring Line up for Ignite Liverpool

Everybody knows somebody that has been along to a Liverpool Ignite session and if you don;t then it is time to get more interesting friends, as showcases Liverpool’s movers and shakers, creators, thinkers, tinkers, innovators and doers, makers and dreamers in a fast paced format designed to inspire. 

This time around with a slight difference as it all takes place on Star Wars day, yes the 4th May, or to say it correctly May the forth. There is an eclectic line up of speakers as you would expect with one or two specific Star Wars related talks to raise the flag.

If you are interested in the digital sector and a fair few of the audience members are, then the highlights for you are  then you'll love the IX Liverpool talk, Brett Lempereur's talk on the IPBill and how to fight Global Poverty through the use of Technology and as if there isn't enough of it in the news there is even a talk about the EU referendum.

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After a couple of really successful events for Thinking Digital including Manchester last year and London only last month - Thinking Digital have announced its first round of speakers for #TD2016 Newcastle on 10/11 May?

#TD2016 is taking place in the North East, Gateshead to be precise and it is the granddaddy of them all, highlighting Technology, Ideas and our future and is aimed primarily at the Digital Sector although it draws in a great deal of public sector visitors who are seeking to expand their knowledge and looking for new ways to think about their practice.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016 10:48

Doing business with Sensor City - Open Labs


Open Labs and the team at Sensor City have pulled together a workshop focused on exploring the capabilities and potential developments in modern sensor systems applied to the Automotive / Land Transport sector. 

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Monday, 01 February 2016 10:39

e-health cluster news

The eHealth Cluster brings together a wide range of disparate groups with an interest in eHealth. The cluster brings groups of complementary organisations together to learn from each other, be aware of how other groups work and use local skills and resources much more effectively, making the most of the opportunities in eHealth for all concerned. There is scope to develop so much more cluster working in the complex and challenging world of eHealth.

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Friday, 08 January 2016 11:10

Hacknights at FACT return


As the evenings are getting lighter FACTLab returns with a series of Hack Nights, back in there usual spot at FACT Liverpool. 

No experience is required for these classes and they are very easy going so you don't need to worry about being rushed along so quickly you lose the thread of what is being taught.  

Details below. 

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015 09:34

Prepare your talks as Oggcamp is coming to town.


The UK's largest Open Source & Open Culture event is taking place in Liverpool on 31st Oct. & 1st Nov. and they want your involvement. 

Whether you have been before or not, Oggcamp is open to you, because it is the participants that make it happen in this community orientated geek celebration of open source and open culture. 

Presented in Barcamp style, so bring your own talks or just listen to others. Pus a full hacking and hardware section of stalls and stands. Previous speakers include Stephen Fry and the whole event is FREE

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Tickets are now available for Ignite Liverpool event in July. The event for Liverpool's thinkers, tinkers, creatives and more has become home for inspiring talks across Liverpool with hundreds of talks having taken place across it's lifespan. 

If your interested in becoming inspired then this is the place to have your grey cells excercised in as one person put it a "Gynasium of the Mind".

Taking place at Leaf Cafe on Bold Street, Liverpool on Wednesday 15th July. Doors open at 6pm and talks start at 7pm.   

 Book tickets below

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I've been in the habit of creating these presentation over the past few years and using them at Jelly Liverpool, Social Media cafe and Ignite Liverpool. This is the latest edition and if some of the event have gone already then at least they will be back around at some point. So feel free to share. 

As I can't get the iframe embed to work at the moment and I'm in a bit of a hurry here is the link to the presentation while I spend my time hopefully more fruitfully working out why the iframe embed isn't working.


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