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Tuesday, 20 April 2010 12:00

Tate Liverpool partners Kisky in an iPhone app

3DPicassooniPhoneBuy your own Picasso with Little World Gifts and Tate Liverpool on iPhone

Tate Liverpool and virtual merchandising startup Little World Gifts are bringing Picasso to iPhone for the first time with an official virtual gift representing one of the artist’s seminal anti-war works. A great opportunity for everyone to own their own classic artwork without paying auction-house prices!
Little World Gifts has produced a virtual gift showing a beautifully framed version of Picasso’s 1940’s work “Monument to the Spaniards who Died for France” in high resolution 3D.  Unlike the painting in the gallery, users can hold it in their hand, spin and touch it, zoom in to examine it up close and read details about the work on the reverse.  And there’s no risk of damaging a priceless work of art!  The item’s available from 19th April for free via the Little World Gifts iPhone app (also free), and users can keep it for themselves or send it on to a friend.

As well as being a promotional tool designed to encourage people to visit Tate Liverpool’s forthcoming exhibition Picasso: Peace and Freedom, it’s an example of what Little World Gifts calls “virtual merchandise”: gorgeous, interactive, digital versions of the sort of souvenirs and mementos you’d buy for a friend on holiday.  It showcases Little World Gifts’ model of combining consumer-facing virtual gift stores with a digital gift platform that enables brands and content owners to deliver high quality 3D virtual goods on next generation mobile and online.

As well as enabling Tate to work with the best virtual gifts on the planet, Little World Gifts’ provides an easy way for the gallery to reach new visitors via the startup’s platform and the iTunes App Store.  Tate Liverpool’s Marketing Officer, Jennifer Martin, says: “Some of the most popular souvenirs from our exhibitions have always been postcards of the artworks - gallery visitors really do want to take some of the work away with them, so it’s great to be able to let them do that in an exciting new way. The fact that the items are also available to a global audience in the App Store and can be sent to friends via Facebook is a fantastic bonus”.
Little World Gifts’ work with the art organisation follows Tate Liverpool’s innovative, UK-first use of interactive iPhone/iPod gallery tours instead of the more traditional audio tour.  The Picasso project was initiated and has been supported by tourist board VisitLiverpool – The Official Tourist Board for Liverpool in order to encourage people to visit both Tate Liverpool and the city itself.
Liverpool's Kisky media is going to be working with Tate Liverpool to produce and iPhone app.

The exhibition runs from 21st May to August 30th.

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