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Creative Digital Networking the Jelly Liverpool way

If you work in the digital or the creative sector then it can be a soul destroying business expecially for a freelancer, working on your own, away from the hubbub of a normal office environment. Long hours spent in the studio or at home staring at a screen trying to be innovative and creative. Er, that's impossible. Which is why Jelly Liverpool offers the perfect solution for you in its monthly Pop Up Office.

Jelly gives Homeworkers and freelancers the opportunity to get away from it all and mix with like minded people in the comfortable surronds of Leaf Cafe on Bold Street. It proivides coffee, tables and free wifi plus a great bunch of the people to work alongside.  

It's not networking. Never fear, you don't have to talk to anyone except maybe to order coffee and ask what the wifi key is. You can simply sit and work all day long, alternatively you can chat and mix with the rest of the Jelly regulars.

Jelly attracts a wide range of people from web developers, social media marketers, designers and artists, small busineses and large.  So whatever you do you are bound to fit in. 

Jelly Liverpool gives those working in the Digital and Creative sectors the opportunity to meet, work, discuss and collaborate.

The idea of Jelly Liverpool is to provide chairs and tables, wireless internet and coffee but more importantly interesting people to talk to, collaborate with, and bounce ideas off. You bring a laptop (or whatever you need to get your work done) and a friendly disposition.

The next Jelly Liverpool is on the 4th December from 9am-5pm - you don't have to stay all day that's only for the hard core.

Venue: Leaf Cafe on Bold Street. 

You can use teh booking form below to book. 

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