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Audio freak and a coder - Audacity launch North West Unconference

The University of Central Lancashire in Preston is to hold a two day Unconference for Audacity enthausiasts this July.  

If you haven't heard of Audacity then where have you been living as this Open Source audio manipulatipon software is the mainstay of many an audiophiles software arsenal.  The Audacity Unconference 2014 is an event for all Audacity users including teachers, musicians, and researchers

It's an Unconference so the format of the event kinda goes like this.

The Organisers don't know what's going to happen, that's up to you! People propose sessions/ideas and people go along and talk about 'the thing'. The organisers will facilitate that, but 'the thing' is up to the people there. The idea is to give people the time and space to get together with like-minded people for a chat and maybe a soft drink / beer etc. afterwards. Have some fun as well as sharing ideas!

They do have offers of sessions on capturing audio from tapes and on programming with Nyquist so far. And an interest in measuring the speed of sound with Audacity. We welcome further ideas now, or at the event.


What will you gain? Maybe some tips on using Audacity in your environment. Maybe amazing music. Maybe some useful lesson plans. Maybe a novel way to measure the speed of sound. Maybe a collaboration with another school / researcher. Maybe a useful chat with a developer. Maybe a chance conversation with a future collaborator. Who knows? 


It will run from Friday 11th to Saturday 12th July 2014 and you can book either day or both.

Developers and support people will be there and so you will have an opportunity to talk to them as well as other users. We’d love to see you there! Please see Audacity_Unconference_2014 for more details.

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