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Social Media cafe - tonight


A quick reminder that it is Social media Cafe tonight at Static Gallery on Roscoe Lane. So if you would ike to meet Liverpool digital elite and social media experts head along for conversations you'll love.  It's Free and from 6pm for a 6.30 start.

What do Ghosts, Walled Gardens and lamps that turn themselves on at night have in common. Yes they are features in some Victorian Ghost story but they are also the features of the next Social media cafe Liverpool.  Where they have invited in the "Ghost of Christams yet to come" and asked him to tell us all what the future has in store.....

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If you are coming along then don't forget to bring your Christmas Jumpers as they want you to really be in the Christmas Spirit, so much so they are even asking for people to practice there carol singing voices as they are going to be rasing the ceiling with some great harmonies.  

"This is very much about looking ahead to the future, not where will we be in five years time but where will we be next year. Everything moves so fast and keeping up can sometimes be a problem - well I know it can be for me." Said one of the organisers   

Speakers inclue

Francis Irving from Scraperwiki - Walled Gardens

Hakim Cassimally – Co-author of The Internet of Things: enchanted objects for people

Alex Moore – Video games: what happens next?
Alex Moore looks at the video games industry, briefly looking at how it got to where it is, and where it might be heading as it responds to the shifts in the computing power available to us.

Apart from the serious stuff #smcliv will be bringing a light hearted look back over the Social Media landscape of 2012. 

Booking is FREE for Social Media Cafe 


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Kaffe Matthews -

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Recorded Live at Leaf Cafe on 4th May


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