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Saturday, 18 October 2008 23:27

Ben Patterson - Drip Music (George Brecht, 1959)

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Taken from the Music for the Williamson Tunnels CD 

In researching this project, the question was sent to George Brecht, via the Ludwig Musum, regarding using a version of his 1959 Fluxus score Drip Music as a cornerstone of the Collection. A month or so later came a simple 'yes' via his wife Hertha. In 2002, the same year that he was interviewed by tenantspin's Josie Crawford at the 40 Years Of Fluxus event in Wiesbaden, Ben Patterson revisited Drip Music: ‘I decided to re-examine the original score (below), rather than rely on my memory of performances of the traditional interpretations of these works. Thus, I discovered that Brecht's original instructions allowed for both a single source or multiple sources of dripping water. Remembering George’s first career as a chemist, employing laboratory equipment to produce multiple, dripping sources seemed appropriate.’

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