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Sonic Art

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Soundscape 2 Singing Sand, Somewhere Close To Us  BirkBeck & Duffy

The Sand Project is an ongoing artistic investigation by the artists Birkbeck & Duffy into phenomen aassociated with Singing Sand. Singing Sand, Somewhere Close to Us is the first in a series of collaborative exhibitions concerned with the visual and aural re-imagining of ‘dune song’, the sound emitted by sand during avalanches.




The Italian fluxus composer has contributed his version of this Fluxus score by Ken Friedman: Glasses: one filled with ice water, one with boiling tea, one or more empty glasses. Liquids are transferred from glass to glass, until the tea is cooled to drinking temperature. Link





Track taken from Music For The Williamson Tunnels: A Collection Of The Sound Of Dripping Water

Sunday, 12 October 2008 23:10

Gregory Büttner - Tischbrunnen (edit)

Written by

Born in Hamburg in 1972, Gregory has contributed excerpts from the heizung raum 318 CD composed entirely of the sounds produced within a single room, including the gurgling water of the radiator.  Taken from the Music for the Williamson Tunnels CD




Sunday, 12 October 2008 22:34

George Cisneros - Music For Dripping Water

Written by

Taken from Music for a Williamson Tunnel CD 

A short excerpt from the 45-minute master tape of San Antonio-based Cisneros’ 1981 installation Music for Dripping Water. Water was recorded dripping onto an array of hubcaps placed beneath the eaves of the composer’s home studio during a Texas rainstorm. A single microphone captured these sounds as ‘live’ signal sources for manipulation.  


Taken from the Music for the Williamson Tunnels CD 

11.30am on Tuesday 8th July 2008 in the kitchen of a second floor flat in New Delhi opposite a railway line, a water tank empties out into a basin of steel dishes. 

Click to listen and for a free download

Saturday, 11 October 2008 23:23

Susan Collins - Dripping Water

Written by

Taken from the Music for the Williamson Tunnels CD

A short excerpt from Susan’s Introductory Exchanges installation (1993). A series of audio devices were placed at intervals along the Woolwich Foot Tunnel under the Thames with sounds, including dripping water, activated by passing viewers. Recorded onto looped answering-machine cassette tapes, the audio was played through walkmans and tiny amps and collaged with the reverberant audio of the tunnel itself. 



Saturday, 11 October 2008 11:38

Sneha Solanki - NS 246883: The Other Space

Written by

Taken from the Music for the Williamson Tunnel CD

Sneha recently spent time recording sonar and electromagnetic activity at Scottish military sites. This track comes from a series of test underwater recordings at Gare Loch, home of the Trident missiles, with the title indicating the national grid coordinates of the recording's location.

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