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Liverpool Music Guide

Liverpool Music Guide (1)

Wednesday, 21 May 2008 00:00

Liverpool -World capital of pop

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It has produced more hit singles than than any other city around the world. - From the Guinness book of Hit singles

Listen to Pete Wylie from the Mighty Wah as he takes you on a music tour of Liverpool from the 1960's to today.



  • Introduction and Whitechapel to North John Street: Track 1 
  • Mathew Street: Cavern Pub, Cavern Wall of Fame and Cavern Club: Track 2 
  • Mathew Street: Liverpool Wall of Fame to The White Star: Track 3 
  • Button Street to Mount Pleasant: Track 4
  • Mount Pleasant to Hardman Street: Track 5
  • Hardman Street to Wolstenholme Square: Track 6
  • Wolstenholme Square to Albert Dock: Track 7  

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