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Banned films, banned film makers
4 Days of radical film and discussion
All events free
Organised by local volunteers
Thursday 22nd Oct to Sunday 25th

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Friday, 10 August 2012 14:47

AND Festival - Programme now available

andprogrammeIf you like your art and you like your technology then you will probably like your artechnology (made up word) - Yes it's that's time when the Abandon Normal Devices festival comes around. This year it's in Manchester but don't let that put you off as there will be a fine selection of work on offer, to challenge, inspre and hopefully meta confuse our notions of Winning.  

It only lasts 5 Days so don't be a loser and get along as soon as you can.

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cinema build

Can you lend a day to help create something amazing? A SMALL CINEMA IN NORTH MANCHESTER

Re-Dock need some hands on deck to help us turn an unused space in Moston into a community screening theatre. They need volunteers and skilled tradesfolk, as well as contributions of basic materials > timber, plaster board, paint etc.if you can help. 

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Thursday, 29 March 2012 09:35

Don't Mention the 47

Liv47_Leaflet_webArti Dillon and The Free University of Liverpool invite you to a screening of Don't Mention the 47 Feel free to bring your friends, trade union members and community groups to this Liverpool Screening.

Don’t Mention the 47 is a political documentary that re-opens a crucial chapter in Liverpool’s history. In the years between 1983 and 1987 a group of 47 elected Labour councillors refused to transfer the cuts implemented by Margaret Thatcher’s Tory government onto the Liverpool community they represented.  Instead they built 5000 houses, created thousands of jobs and set up many vital public services. How was that possible and why did they end up being surcharged and expelled from office?

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012 22:13

I Have a Good Feeling About This Star Wars Fans

i have a bad feeling about this

No sorry "I Have a Bad Feeling About This" - That's what this propective movie is called. I say prospective cause as it hasn't been made yet and I 

“I Have a Bad Feeling About This” is a quirky, upbeat, buddy-comedy/Sci-Fi adventure. The story follows the exploits of Andy and Sam, two Star Wars-obsessed slackers in their early twenties, living in the suburbs of Liverpool. Sam is soon to be leaving Andy to go to university, but before they part ways for good, Andy and Sam must embark on a journey to the furthest reaches of town, to try and find a pair of tickets to a one-off showing of the original Star Wars trilogy. Along the way they meet dodgy ticket touts, angry yoga instructors, deranged thieves, clueless police, the suburban mafia and a dangerous Lightsaber-wielding madman. say YET because I certainly hope it is made as it looks fantastic. The Films premise is.... “Not that long ago. In a suburb not that far away…”

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Wednesday, 08 February 2012 11:01

Are we getting the most out of Media City?

Media CityBased in Salford not Manchester the BBC's second largest production centre, BBC North aims to build stronger relationships with audiences across the UK. And so it should as we all got sick of London centric programmes and we looked forward to the move North. The centre is at Salford Quays (nice) and will house 2,300 staff and a number of BBC departments – including BBC Sport, BBC Children's and Radio 5 Live.


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creativeengland_logo.3.1.1Creative England's Film Culture Fund opened for applications yesterday, with a total of £490,000 delegated Lottery funds from the BFI to distribute in the first round.

The Film Culture Fund aims to boost access for audiences to a wide range of film content in the English regions outside of London, to enrich audiences' experience through education opportunities, and to bring the unique resources of regional screen heritage into wider film provision.

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From the sonic art archive

Kaffe Matthews -

August Rain In New York Doorways

Click to listen and for a free download



Recorded Live at Leaf Cafe on 4th May


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