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Thursday, 30 April 2009 20:38

Liverpool Art Prize 2009 award ceremony

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Listen to the Liverpool Art Prize awards as they were announced   

From Liverpool Art Prize 2009

Images from the evening


 Art in Liverpool FM

Italian born pop culture photographer 

He's current show at Liverpool conservation centre is a great snapshot of the Liverpool Club scene with images covering the 4 years from 1978-82.


Click Download for free download (right-click and save as) or listen online below.

And read more here


Maggie Hambling

 Maggie Hambling is interviewed here about her current exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery - George Always.

She descibes George as "Lusche" - not the correct spelling. This is a great interview just to hear Maggie talk so passionately about someone she loved so much - a man sorely missed but who she has captured on canvas many times. Stick with the interview as it just gets better and better.

Click Download for free download (right-click and save as) or listen online  

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