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art in liverpool fm logo webIt's my own personal history project stretching back to 2007 - with hundreds of recorded interviews, podcasts and plays. This section of the site is pretty old so don't expect it to work all the time and ignore it asking for Real Player to be loaded. 

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Im collaboration with, Defnet Media presents the weekly Art in Liverpool podcast. With news from the Liverpool arts world, reviews from the past weeks shows and a what's on guide to the week ahead. 

Tuesday, 05 August 2008 21:51

Art in Liverpool podcast 5 August 2008

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Yours arts MP3, this weeks brings you news from of Art in Liverpool FM, Imagine Festival, The Sweetest Building - One Sweet Afternoon and Emperor & Tiger. Plus what’s opening in the visual arts this week.


We are really busy here at Defnet Media as we are trying to set up Art in Liverpool FM and produce a new website so just notes this week to accompany this post.   


Art in Liverpool FM – as part of the Liverpool Independent Biennial strand – Defnet Media and will be running downloadable radio station.  All the broadcast licenses in Liverpool have gone and audio web streaming takes a lot of time so we have gone for downloadable programmes. 

Round up  Emperor & Tiger at Newsham Park. Good but not the best place for viewing this sort of event. 

Imagine Festival - Brouhaha Princes Avenue and Park-very good, over 40,000 people attended and Brouhaha have been working hard with various community groups to produce all of the costumes and to get them to take part.. Good weather and music – a great day out.. More 

Jaws the Exhibition at Microzine - scary! 12th Man, Central library by Tabitha Jussa, which is very good, includes memorabilia from Liverpool Football Club and Everton Football Club. It’s a long term project until the teams move to their new grounds. 

Thursday, 31 July 2008 21:47

Art in Liverpool podcast 31 July 2008

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Your arts MP3 brings you news from of Jaws on Bold Street, Late at Tate, Fis 08 and One Sweet Afternoon. Plus what's opening in the visual arts this week.    




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