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logoThis weeks podcast covers Garston’s Cultural Embassy, Klimt at Tate Liverpool, Variable Capital at the Bluecoat and Macca at Anfield. Plus news about what’s on and what’s coming up in the arts in Liverpool.


 We are back after a short break to bring you the cultural highlights of the past to weeks and to let you know what is coming up.


El Presidente of GarstonWe review Paul McCartney at Anfield, inlcuding the Umbrella debarcle, Garstons Cultural Embassy  with it’s official opening by the President, the Bank Holidays Streets Ahead Festival, Klimt at the Tate and Variable Capital at the Bluecoat.

Plus we have ArtFinders Another door and Microzine with an Anthony Brown show (including mugs), The Egsopace with Extracted Views; at Open Eye, we have a Hyena on a lead with Pieter Hugo and Hall and Grant are still on at View Two

On Thursday 5 June the Tribeca Design Competition opens at the Contemporary Urban Centre with the designs for a marketing suite for the Tribeca Scheme ie. the new buildings on St Georges Street.

On Friday 6 June we see the return of The Blueocat display centre back at it’s old home. Also on the same night we have the frst show at the Bridewell for a long time and it should be a goody as it’s curated by Vanessa Bartlett.    

Opening later in June we have

 Open Source City on Slater Street in Liverpool and Design Show Liverpool taking place at the Contemporary Urban Centre.

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