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Leo Fitzmaurice and Paul Rooney at the Launch of Wrongteous 
A new publication from Art Editions North, Wrongteous is a limited edition 160pp hardback book, with colour plates, which incorporates existing and newly commissioned UK and international visual art and fiction writing. 

Wrongteous was launched at A Foundation, Greenland St. Liverpool on Friday 19th September 2008

The works of visual art and short fiction in Wrongteous – spanning one hundred years, various artistic styles and media – are reminders of the longstanding relevance of subtle but profound unease to the making of art. The works often speak of moral uncertainty and social and personal malaise, but they are never sensational or gratuitous, and use seemingly traditional forms or techniques to speak of deeply troubling modern anxieties. The intention is to allow the works within Wrongteous to create relationships with each other that are not prescribed by a narrow thematic conceit or any simple geographical or formal connection between the artists or works. The collection is edited by artists Leo Fitzmaurice and Paul Rooney.
{pgomakase}Visual art contributors: Richard Ashworth, Kevin Blair, Oliver Braid, Arthur Dooley, Jacob Epstein, Ken Fitzmaurice, Leo Fitzmaurice, Rachel Goodyear, Dorota Jurczak, KwieKulik, James Loftus, LS Lowry, Brendan Lyons, David Mackintosh, An drew McDonald, Nicky McCubbing, Mercury Press Agency, Simon Morse, David Musgrave, Tony Phillips, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Jorge Queiroz, Carole Romaya, Wendy Slattery, Nedko Solakov, Christiana Soulou, Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel, Marcel van Eeden, Marrit Victoria Wulff Andreassen, Kai-oi Jay Yung.

Fiction contributors: Donald Barthelme, Arnold Bennett, Graham Greene, James Hanley, Franz Kafka, Etgar Keret, Malcolm Lowry, Tim Machin (newly commissioned text), Paul Rooney (previously unpublished text), Helen Simpson, David Foster Wallace.

Art Editions North, Reg Vardy Gallery, University of Sunderland, 
Ashburne House, Ryhope Road, Sunderland. SR2 7EF. UK. 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. –
Distributed via Cornerhouse Publications, with a retail price of only £8

For more information or to order books direct contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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