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Wednesday, 01 April 2009 15:00


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Get tickets hereCan my body take it.

I wake on a Sunday, my mind engages with my existence, I check the nerve impulses from my extremities. I am receiving signals from my legs, arms and outer coating of epidermis. Going through a formal check of internal organs, engage back muscles manoeuvre body – all major vital signs are good.  Checking secondary operating system – feedback error frontal lobe appears to have cut communication routes to primary operating system. ERROR. Engaging back up communication routes – screaming feedback received from frontal lobe. Language system has been engaged and initiating pain receptor dampeners.

Waking up after a night out at Planet x was always the worst part of the experience - actually being there was brilliant even if I did spend most of the night with my head thrust into the speakers or staring for hours at the day glow walls. It would always take a few days for my hearing and my head to get straight.

So it is with trepidation that I look forward to the return of Planet X – the reunion gigs – There is four weeks to go and I am still arguing with myself about my attendance.    

You can book online £6.50 tickets are now on sale at: Tickets are also on sale in Probe.

But the question remains will Doreen be there handing out lollies at the door?

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