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Wednesday, 02 November 2011 23:17

Liverpool Cafe Scientific - Mad Mobs and Englishmen? Realities and Myths of the August 2011 riots

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mad mobs and englishmanThe next meeting of Liverpool Cafe Scientifique takes place on Tuesday 8th November in the Old Conference Room at the Hope Street Hotel, Hope Street L1. It starts at 7.30pm.
It is entitled: Mad Mobs and Englishmen? Realities and Myths of the August 2011 riots.
The talk is focused upon how the riots were portrayed and understood in the media and contrasts this with an evidence based analysis of the events themselves. The talk is critical of the government's argument that the riots were driven by 'mindless criminality' and could be dealt with by more 'robust' policing. Instead, it is argued that the pattern of behaviour during the riots must be understood in terms of broader contextual issues, not least of all historical and ongoing relationships with the police. The talk discusses the role of social psychology in both understanding and reacting to the riots and concludes by raising questions about why it is that the science was sidelined as we as a society struggle to come to terms with the 'post-riot agenda'.
This talk will be given by Dr. Clifford Stott, Psychology Dept., Liverpool University. He is a well known expert in this field and is often contacted by the media for his scientific approach to understanding crowd behaviour.
A bit more info is here on Mad Mobs and Englishman 
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