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Wednesday, 21 May 2008 00:00

Liverpool -World capital of pop

It has produced more hit singles than than any other city around the world. - From the Guinness book of Hit singles

Discover more about Liverpool with England's first, free, music-themed city walking guide. Pete Wylie from the The Mighty Wah! will take you on a tour of Liverpool's music scene from the 1960s to the present day passing the legendary clubs and venues in the World Capital of Pop.

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Monday, 25 August 2008 07:42

The Great Barred

A tour of British pubs - well at least north west ones Kirsty and Kevin spend an evening in the pub discussing the environs and virtues of each pub. A pod about drinking they say more like one about life.

Week after week they visit a different pub and bring along teh accassional family member. One week they visited the Waterloo in Runcorn made famous for it's use as The Archers pub from Two pints of larger and packet of Crisps, the BBC3 TV comedy set in Runcorn. Kirsty informs us that this pub is only the exterrior shot used in two pints, and the interior is modeled on a pub around the corner, but even so worth a visit. They says it has a good juke box and friendly punters offering them pirate DVD's for sale.

They've been to the Swan, FACT's pop quiz, the Mersey Ferry and many other great cultural institutions - it's a great podcast and draws you in to listen more.

My Rating: Five stars

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Monday, 25 August 2008 07:40

Kit for podcasting

It's difficult enough when you are thinking about setting up a podcast for business or pleasure. What kit are you going to need is always going to be on you mind, so I have placed a few items in this podcasting store for you to have a browse through to give you a few ideas. I really rate Adobe Audition - it even comes with training dvd's and is great for getting rid of the background noise, increasing sound levels etc. I recommend it to my friends. So whether you want to do it cheaply for pleasure or you have a blank cheque - have a look at the store for ideas. Go to store
Monday, 25 August 2008 07:38

National Museums Liverpool podcast

I love it when museums take on board that you want to know more about their collections other rather wandering around the exhibition and squinting at little cards beside exhibits. Stop that - give your visitor more - give them a nice little audio guide so as they wander the aisles looking at dusty collectors peices they can have a richer experience. A get more out of a visit or even be fully armed with knowledge by the time they arrive.

This is great stuff- they have guides to all sorts - from artwork of the month to guides to their Maritime Museum exhibitions.

National Museums Liverpool holds regular free talks and lectures at their venues.

Since April 2006, they have been recording many of these talks and making them available for download through the website. Dr Paul O'Keeffe is a great laugh and well worth a listen.

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Sunday, 18 April 2010 22:17

Liverpool Acoustic Live 23rd April

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Liverpool Acoustic LIveThis month's Liverpool Acoustic Live event takes place on Friday 23rd April 2010 at the View Two Gallery on Mathew Street. The doors open at 8.00pm and the music starts at 8.30pm and finishes at 11.15pm.

Monday, 05 April 2010 22:53

Boys keep swinging - 30 years on

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30 years ago, the anarchy that had spawned punk was dead and young people, fed up with the depressing social economic climate of the late seventies, high unemployment and strikes were looking for a scene of their own. The stalwarts of that Liverpool scene have got together to create a reunion night called Retropective.


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