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Digital Skills Development workshops in Liverpool

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We've been asked many times before "When are you running your next (insert random digital workshop name) workshop?" and the answer has always been soon...... but from circulating our Join the Mailing List link where people can sign up to find out more, well there is clearly a lot of hunger out there for a whole range of digital workshops.

Digital Skills Development Workshops

We thought we would start off with the workshops where we could access local trainers, so the first workshops are; Professional podcasting and new media, Social media for beginners  and An essential guide to SEO. 

Professional podcasting and New Media is being run by Dan Lynch who many of you will know as @methoddan on Twitter. He has run the workshop before for Fact Liverpool back in 2013 and as there was a lot of interest back then we thought thought we would run it again. 

Podcasting has only been around since 2005 but already it's become part of the mainstream media. Almost every TV show, radio station and newspaper these days publishes podcasts to complement their offerings. Recording and publishing a podcast can be done by anyone without a large budget and that's the beauty of it, but not everyone can do it well.

On this course you'll learn professional tips from Dan Lynch, a podcaster and audio engineer with years of experience working on some of the most popular technology shows in the world., LinuxOutlaws, RatholeRadio and more.

Prices: Workshop prices range from £39 to £99 depending on the type and duration of the workshop.

Find out more and register your interest

Social media for beginners

If your looking to develop your skills in 2015 then this half day introductory workshop to social media will fit you fine. Covering platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram we'll advise you how to make the most of your digital presence for your businesses.

We demonstrate how to use the hardware and the software - from signing up, to branding your sites, to linking your platforms together, we can give you hints and tips to make all this easy to understand.

You'll be able to brand your social media sites so when people visit they know who you are and what your business does.

Prices: Workshop prices range from £39 to £99 depending on the type and duration of the workshop.

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An essential guide to SEO

This one day workshop for new and existing businesses will help you increase the visibility of your website within Search Engines results. Covering topics such as Keywords, Googles Search Algorithm, Link Building and your content, this workshop will give you a clear and concise understanding of how search engines work and what they are indexing on your site.

In this simple to follow day, you will receive detailed information on a number of SEO areas, each giving you a deeper understanding of how you can make SEO work for your website and therefore your business.

Prices: Workshop prices range from £39 to £99 depending on the type and duration of the workshop.

Find out more and register your interest 

All the workshops dates are flexible at the moment but as soon as we have enough people signed up toe start the workshops we will.

There's more

We have a range sessions we are still working upon and when we have more details we will let you know. 

Build your own wordpress website
Understanding Analytics
Open source software and technology 
Introduction to 3d printing
Social Strategy connecting to the right people – networking not notworking
Working with Wordpress

You can sign up to the mailing list and we'll let you know as soon as these become available. 

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