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Sunday, 03 February 2008 00:00


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All you need to know about consciousness wrapped up in an A5 love letter to the world

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A quick reminder of whats inside


page 13  CROSSWORD
page 14  Men have walked this way before but never with hats
page 17  When I turn this here, a flow of sweat runs down and by allowing it to interact with my jealousy we can run a tractor for a year
page 17  This is the voice of the Mysterons
page 8   CROSSWORD

page 19 That guy from the Jacksons kept them under control. That’s how I’d like to be if I’d be on Tamla, and was then reduced to doing shit
page 20 Carnal sins. Genuine hate. Make a mask
page 23  THE BIG DEFCON INTERVIEW - Charles Chaplin on having the samename as Charlie Chaplin
page 34 What’s happened to us, how can two peoplewho love each other end up being the onething that makes our knees ache?
page 98 “Hunting things for food used to be my thing, but when Tesco’s organic range came in I suppose the switch was inevitable”

Download Now

We hope you enjoy the online version as much as everyone enjoyed the hardcopy. Bookmark it - add it to your favourites and leave us a comment. If you would like a hard copy then you can pick one up from Probe on Slater Street, or from the Magnet Bar on Hardman Street.

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