Wednesday, 29 August 2012 00:11

Walking maps – and there uses

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walking mapsHere is a little map of my wanderings across Liverpool, it actually shows me nipping to the shop and then doubling back before I get to my destination. But is a great way of showing a walking route between 2 points, say for display on your website. A foot route from the train station to an event for instance.

It's created using GPS Draw for Android. Download and play

Thursday, 23 August 2012 00:15

Bridging the WiFi divide

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I had an interesting conversation the other day about the digital divide in North Liverpool. For those of you not in the know, North Liverpool is one of the most socially and economically poorest areas in the country, surprising I know as the city of Liverpool had 3/4 of a Billion pounds pumped into it in the last Ten years. But I digress

We were discussing the problem of giving people greater access to the internet, and how this could be done, one of the solutions we thought it would be good to look at was to "WiFi bridge the digital divide".

You see there are businesses, community and voluntary organisations in the North Liverpool area who have Internet access, don't get me wrong this is no backwoods but the take up of of the internet by the wider community is smaller.

Friday, 14 January 2011 15:36

The busier i am the less I post

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HackSpacewebSo it's the new year and all that and happy new year to all of our readers - it's good to have you here.  But i must offer an apology I have been so busy doing other stuff that i have not been finding the time to actually post any information here. What with work and Social media Cafe and Ignite Liverpool and the Music Unconference in April  and all the other stuff - running a podcasting workshop on Tuesday for Nerve Magazine - I am really not getting the time to post any articles and anything about the things that i am spending so much of my time working on.

I am hope that nerve magazine is going to join forces with Defnet so that I don;t have to worry about creating content as they tend to have more time than me for interview and stuff - Bad Defnet Media - if anyone else is interested in writing for us then let us know.

But as it is the new year then things are looking up - positive outlook and all that and so many techy events are taking place it is fantastic but more about that on the normal places.

So for now  Happy new year to you all.



Sunday, 05 December 2010 10:58

We're looking for reviewers and writers

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So are you interested in getting involved in all the work of Defnet Media, be that writing reviews, helping organise events designing posters, etc etc .


Wednesday, 01 December 2010 23:14

Must remember to blog more often

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But as time is always at a premium I would only like to say that I must go and see this at the Bluecoat




Tuesday, 14 September 2010 22:32

How Why DIY and all that

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A couple of weeks back now  (I've been a bit busy with other stuff) a group of us from How Why DIY got together to produce How? Why? DIY! Day. We had been trying to put together an event like this since November 2009 but no time seemed like a good time. Finally after a few mis-starts we managed to secure of space in the Nerve Centre on 22nd August. I wanted to share here some of the images from me and the Video from Warren Makin.

Friday, 25 June 2010 13:29

How Why Diy NING

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With the advent of Ning charging for their service, actually i thought we were doing them a favour as we were drawing people into the site and their adverts - clearly that didn't pay for them though, i digress. Ning were going to start off by charging a small amount about $2 a month if you had less than 150 members of your Ning.

The How? WHY? DIY! ning now has about 123 members just  27 members short of the 150 mark. That was OK, I would be willing to pay that but after a conversation with Liverpool based Nerve Magazine they said there was an opportunity to have the How Why DIY event take place in a shop which they are getting access to as part of the shops up front project.

If/when How? WHY? DIY! Day, as I am calling it takes place then the numbers of people who are going to be involved are well going to exceed 150 in one way or another - leaving me with a problem, for Ning would then have liked to extracted from my very tight pocket $20 a month - I am generous but not than generous so a cheaper way had to be found that would house How? WHY? DIY! plus other groups that I am involved in such as Ignite Liverpool and Social Media Cafe.  I looked at various options for expanding the reach of Joomla (what this site is built upon) using extensions such as Jom Social and extending K2 which i already use but the choice came straight down to Buddypress.

I have never used Buddypress before but i'm not afraid to take risks as I believe that is what life is about (except when it comes to heights) - so here we go the new How? WHY? DIY! network

Take a look and get involved.


Monday, 21 June 2010 14:34

Ustream audio issues

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I went down to The Liverpool Art Prize Launch at Metal in Edge Hill train station the other week and forced myself to have a go at Ustream'ing it. I tried to convince myself out of it but it didn't wash with me. I set up on a desk near the stage, cheap £40 camera, firewire and my USB microphone. I had background material and still shots all set up and away i went chatting to everyone. All was going well until i realised that the sound from the microphone wasn't being picked up by Ustream (See below) - it was meant to use the pictures from the camera and the sound from the usb microphone, but it insisted that it wanted to use the audio from the camera.

I was using the Free version of Ustream Producer and this does appear to be a bit of an issue on the the Ustream forum, I have managed to work out why now though as it appears that you need to assign the USB audio to the USB Codec before you start streaming. Simple really. So simple I'm really confident about how to do it - so I have said we will Ustream the next Rock and Roll podcast recording

So what did you think.

Paul Tarpey wrote the content for the Writing on the Wall publication which was on last month May - so tell us what you think to the content below.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010 22:04

How brilliant is that

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Renshaw-Mural-1 How brilliant is that - I once bumped into the artist who was putting a show on at the old Tito's restaurant in Slater Street. Tito's was old as it had been a pretty good restaurant in it's time - so I was told - but the owner had died in the Kitchen one weekend - I knew him vaguely as I worked in the building next door, an old NCP owned office block, which I should have bought when I had the chance. Tito's is now a club/pub of some sort I went past there the other week and there were bouncers outside bouncing, needless to say I didn't try and get in.

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