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RatholeRadio 66 – 27th Nov 2011

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Rathole Radio 66 is upon us, just like winter seems to be. So wrap up warm, get the chicken soup on the go and tap your feet to my eclectic selection of tunes. There’s a live acoustic blues performance. Apologies for messing up the mp3 download of the last show. It was cutting off halfway through.


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  • 00:00 – Brad Sucks – Bad Attraction – CC BY-NC-SA Licensed – Another track from Canadian CC artist Brad Sucks. I’ve played him many times before but not this song.
  • 06:44 – Lee Maddeford – Le petit jardin (with Les Gauchers Orchestra) – CC BY-NC-SA Licensed- From – Gorgeous, acoustic instrumental works by Lee Maddeford performed by Les Gauchers Orchestra and Les Gauchers Quintet. The pieces range from seemingly Hungarian gypsy dances that would warm the heart of Béla Bartók to pieces that would work for British society bands and on to lush works with string arrangements.
  • 09:27 – Big Bill Broonzy – Baby Please Don’t Go – Public Domain Licensed – A classic track by a legendary blues singer Big Bill Broonzy. If you don’t know about him check out the information on Wikipedia.
  • 18:27 – Stereo Electric Mistress – Famous On Facebook – Licence Unknown – I met Clare the band’s manager at Barcamp Liverpool via Graham Holland. She got me a copy of this track via Tom one of the members. To be honest I really wasn’t sure what to make of this at first. It quickly grew on me though and by the end of that first listen I already liked it. That’s a good sign :)
  • 22:12 – Juanitos – Super Exotic 60′s Beat – CC BY Licensed – Another one I heard on CCHits and liked. Loving the retro sound, suits the song title.
  • 27:42 – Hank Penny – Rabbits Don’t Ever Get Married – CC BY-NC-ND Licensed – A cracking bit of country old style country music with humour I thought. This is from the Bloodshot Revival collection on I have to give a thanks to Heeed for sending it my way and he heard it via Dave and Caroline on The Bugcast. Are you confused yet?
  • 30:22 – Plushgoolash – Big Gay Waterfight – CC BY-NC-SA Licensed – Can’t tell you much about this artist or track other than the title caught my eye. It’s currently near the top of the chart on
  • 36:09 – Mamma Reggae – Ragga – CC BY-NC-ND Licensed – A nice bit of reggae I came across on Jamendo. Not much info on there but it looks like they’re Argentinian so I assume they’re singing in Spanish. Light up a fat one and enjoy!
  • 39:24 – Broke For Free – Night Owl – CC BY Licensed – Another track I found on the chart. An art student from Santa Cruz Californina by the name of Tom Cascino. You can buy his music from Bandcamp.

45:24 - LIVE TRACK – An old blues classic, “Sweet Home Chicago”. Hope you enjoy it.

  • 50:14 – Pete Vyler – Backstreet Emperor – CC BY-NC-SA Licensed – A very cool punk track I came across on Jamendo which is actually by a French artist. There’s a full album so I look forward to hearing more.
  • 57:31 – Patrick Lee – Quittin’ Time – CC BY-NC-SA Licensed – Another one from Bad Panda Records, one of my favourite netlabels. I loved this tune when I heard it on a recent CCHits weekly roundup.
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