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RatholeRadio 64 – Oct 30th 2011

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Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty four? That’s right Rathole Radio number 64 is upon us. I got most of the tracks from Jamendo this time and they’re full of Creative Commons goodness, plus marrowbone jelly. Ok, no marrowbone jelly but have a listen anyway. You might enjoy them. I also reprised a live version of “Stringman” by Neil Young.

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  • Shearer – Day’s End – CC BY-NC-SA Licensed – A track from one of the most popular rock bands on Jamendo. Shearer hail from Germany and I like their frantic sound. I’ve played theme before but this track comes form the 2010 album Monument which is new to me.
  • Microcobra – Mizuki’s Last Chance – Backlash (Microcobra Mix Edition) - License Unknown – Heard this one via AMPed and the award winning Pete Cogle of PC Podcast. A great piece of 8-bit electro from netlabel Sociopath Recordings.
  • The Underground Collective – Melodios Hamonics – CC BY-SA Licensed – From a compilation called Mix Tape vol 2 which you can get on Jamendo. Short but sweet I thought. Nice track.
  • Plug’n’Play – Lost A Friend – CC BY-SA Licensed – You could easily be fooled into thinking this band were British with the jangly indie sounds and Morrisey-esque vocal. Actually they’re Polish. This Lublin-Warsaw band released a wonderfully titled EP Whoreship in 2008. Grab it from Jamendo.
  • Stefano Mocini – Leaving You – CC BY-SA Licensed – A great Italian pianist. Check out his album A Cat Playing on Jamendo. I highly recommend it. Lovely instrumental piano music. Love the artwork. Possible Lolcatz endorsement on the horision I think :) 1st birthday was last week. Great work Jon! :)

  • Vampire TNA – Mean Parade – CC BY-NC-SA Licensed – An interesting Greek electro artist I found on a dubstep playlist in Jamendo.
  • Sean Wright – Sipping On A Red Bull – CC BY Licensed – A strange but interesting rock tune from British artist Sean Wright. I like his voice and it has a slightly Bobby Gillespie vibe to my ear. The song seems oddly concerned with Red Bull, no commercial endsorsements here!
  • Mr.Tac a.k.a. “Chocolate” – Where I Come From – CC BY-NC-SA Licensed – Some phat hip hop from an artist I’ve played before. New York producer and rapper Mr Tac. Love this track, great beat and a nice flow.

LIVE TRACK: I was a little under-prepared so I asked the IRC for song suggestion and Gamerchick02mentioned Neil Young. I wanted to play “Stringman” again for everyone. I know I’ve done it before but hopefully you like it.

  • Esgi – Alone Again – CC BY-NC-ND Licensed – A nice bit of Ambient music I found on Jamendo. This artist is British and this is from the 2007 album Echos In Time. Great chill out music.

There’ll be an extra bonus Barcamp Liverpool show on Friday November 18th. More details to follow

  • Blackanges – Breeze – CC BY-SA Licensed – Another slice of Dubstep, this time from a German artist. This is the sort of track that makes you sit up and take notice. The dirtiest analogue bassline I’ve heard in a while.
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