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Tuesday, 27 October 2015 09:20

Storytelling with an Itinerant Data Object


The A Moeda Workshop - Storytelling with an Itinerant Data Object

 25 - 29 November at FACT /
10am - 5pm / FREE

Tuesday, 14 January 2014 16:54

Creative pricing workshop

One for the discerning Creative business in LIveprool - Creative Pricing is a full day workshop, by the end of which you will have had the opportunity to consider pricing policies for your business from three different perspectives:

  • Pricing in relation to costs and profits - the economics of pricing, including calculating minimum prices to break even and making allowance for distribution channels.
  • Pricing, perceptions and market positioning - how pricing affects customers' perceptions of you and your products in relation to other products and producers.
  • Pricing the options and ‘bundle of benefits' - how pricing relates to what exactly is being sold, including aspects of selling and licensing intellectual property.

Delivered by David Parrish, this workshop is interactive and you are encouraged to discuss issues in groups and engage in discussion with the course leader.

Workshops take place in a friendly and supportive atmosphere and use case studies and examples from creative and digital businesses.

Light lunch and refreshments throughout will be provided. Places are limited.

Clickhere to register.

"Working with Dave is really great, he sees business as an opportunity to be grasped by creatives and not to be feared." Ilsa Parry. 3D Designer.

We all know the typical format for Ignite Liveprool - take 20 slides and talk for 5 minutes about a subject that you are passinate about but now for the brave Ignite Liverpool have started a finale event for each evening where a VOLUNTEER is given an improvisational challenge. The challenge is to take twenty random unseen slides and tell a story throughout.

You can check out the first one presented at last months Ignite below by Alex Nursall, who took the topic of Canada as her Improv subject. 

ACME/Kin2Kin are organising a Creative Marketing workshop  whihc will give participants hugely valuable insights into marketing strategy and a range of effective marketing techniques to be used by creative and digital businesses.

Designing Your Creative Business (DYCB) is a full day workshop and toolkit for creative entrepreneurs, to help them to design successful creative and digital businesses, and to help established enterprises to grow in a focused way.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013 11:32

Audio for artists workshop

Audio workshop

Working creatively with audio - record, edit, present and share 


This is a one day workshop aimed at those people working in the creative sector looking to use audio in creative and challenging ways. The workshop aims to give attendees the knowledge and experience to use recording equipment, editing software, Arduino Wav shields and triggers.


Tuesday, 08 October 2013 09:08

Get online Week

go ON itslpool sqThis year, the seventh annual Get online campaign takes place from 14-20 October 2013. The campaign encourages everyone in Britain to get digital for the week.

Monday, 30 September 2013 10:16

Artist Audio Commission: Giving in to gift

Giving in to Gift is looking to commission four new sound works, each made to be listened to in a specific situation, for free distribution online.

kinManaging profitability, cash flow and pricing to make your business grow!

One day workshop in Creative Finance is a one-day workshop specifically designed for creative enterprises.

This interactive workshop will help creative entrepreneurs manage profitability, cash flow and pricing as their business grows.

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