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Sunday, 01 February 2015 11:30

Merseyside Innovation Awards 2015

merseyside innovation awardsAre you innovating in business, manufacturing or tech? Apply for the 2015 MIA now and you could win £10,000

If you or your business are a pioneer in your field or have created something unique to transform your marketplace, you may be the next Merseyside Innovation Awards winner.

Sunday, 01 February 2015 11:18

Open Labs Newsletter - January 2015

Just to spread the news further than it might get normally here is the Open Labs newsletter.  

We're now firmly in the New Year and and we've been busy again, particularly with joining the NWCAHSN team at the Connected Health Ecosystem event and presenting at Liverpool Health Partners' Health is Wealth Conference. Here's a quick update on what else we've been working on.

The Open Labs Team

Innovate UK is to invest £2m in feasibility studies to stimulate innovation across four enabling technology areas: advanced materials, biosciences, electronics, sensors and photonics, and information and communications technology - and they are holding a briefing tomorrow. 

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From the sonic art archive

Jeff Young and Alan Dunn - Chapter V (parachutes)

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Recorded Live at Leaf Cafe on 4th May

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