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Wednesday, September 02, 2015
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Monday, 17 October 2011 09:13

Truly life changing - Barcamp Liverpool - coming soon

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Bar Camp LiverpoolI'm sure I have written about this but if not then here goes. On Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th of November DoES Liverpool will be holding Bar Camp Liverpool in Gostins Building, Hanover Street.

If you're not familiar with the Bar Camp concept they are participant led unconferences where the talks and discussions that take place are set by the people attending - anyone can and is encouraged to run a session on any topic they want so the whole event is driven by the conversations and interactions of the people attending.

I have to say I am so converted to the idea of participant led unconferences (just take out the un) that I create my own and really encourage others to do so to. Most conferences consist of stale cofee and boredom listening to a speaker who does not know their salt. At a barcamp you still get the stale coffee but if the speaker bores you, you simply walk away - Yeah to that. And then you hold your own session on a subject that grips you.

This won't be Liverpool first Barcamp and it certainly won't be the last but they need to happen more often and with new faces and new subjects being covered. The last one i attended was the first Liverpool one and I went to a talk about Wordpress from Dave Coveney, another on telephone numbers being the next big thing, one about the capital of culture and a big plenary session with prizes - I won nothing. I am sure there were others but i wasn't allowed to stay to long as the powers that be needed my presence. 

Barcamps do tend to be Technology related but they don't have to be and you could come along and talk about a subject that is of interest to you. There is only one previso on that and it is that it is a popularity contest so if no one turns up for your talk then that is it. So you need to make it interesting. I am saying all this and i need to come up with some talks for the Barcamp myself. er........ 

Anyway the first round of tickets are available now at http://barcampliv2011-does.eventbrite.com

If you'd like more information about Bar Camps in general you can read the wiki at http://barcamp.org 

Come along and say Hi to me. 

Late addendum

If you are travelling for some distance away, Does Liverpool have managed to secure a guaranteed rate on the Ibis hotel which is just around the corner from where Barcamp is taking place.

Rooms are available for just £60 for a single room or £70 for a twin, both include a continental breakfast. The rate is guaranteed up until 17th October so you’ll need to book quick!

To get this rate please call Ibis on +44 (0)151 706 9800 and ask for Rosy, Lisa or Paul. You’ll need to mention Barcamp Liverpool and give the reference number 147100.

GO to it my friends.

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