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Thursday, 05 February 2009 00:01

Centrifuge Manchester open call for Muscians

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October 2008 witnessed a new venture from the Frakture organisation  called Centrifuge. Centrifuge aims to provide a new opportunity in the North West for musicians, artists and listeners to meet, perform and share. Frakture administrator Phil Morton observes

“That within an hours drive of Manchester there are many musicians from the free improvised music (and associated leaning) who generally do not meet, mix and play on a regular basis: or so it seems. Somehow geography, boundaries keep us apart, where-as in London the same distances either measured in miles /or time travelled doesn’t keep artists apart; i.e. there is more of a mixing up and playing together.

Frakture were pleased, with the responses to the Centrifuge concept, and the first Centrifuge Concert was booked for October 30th, the concert featured musicians from across the region, including Liverpool, Sheffield, Barrow, Buxton and Warrington. On the night they combined in small groupings to deliver a contrasting programme of creative new music. See website to listen to the audio.

Frakture are confident that Centrifuge will become a force pulling together creative artists in the northwest region and provide a rich palette of sounds and music for the listener.

SO WHAT HAPPENS NEXT - Plans are in place to have between 4-8 centrifuge gigs during 2009. Next Centrifuge is late March: 

WHO IS IT AIMED AT -  musicians from the free improvised music genre, and associated leaning; electronics, soundart, phonography, voice work,

INTERESTED? What Should you do - Joint the mailing list

Visit the web page, read the FAQ’s

Give them a call: 0151 709 6123

Contact Frakture: Centrifuge, C/O Frakture, 36 Windsor Street, Liverpool L8 1XF

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Kaffe Matthews -

August Rain In New York Doorways

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