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Tuesday, 08 November 2011 23:00

News Release: Johannes Bergmark & Tippi Tillvind + Hot Hail + The Pecha Kucha Quartet

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familyTillvind850Get Your Surreal on 

Frakture presents: Johannes Bergmark & Tippi Tillvind + Hot Hail + The Pecha Kucha Quartet

8pm Wed 9th November
Mello Mello
40-42 Slater St
L1 4BX

Surrealist junk puppet play from SwedenA rambunctious collaboration between a spunky musical instrument inventor and a timid collage maker. Each performance is a flux of found, acoustic, electronic, prerecorded, trashy, trivial, complex sounds. Sound poetry out of vintage movies hand in hand with screech of zippers or rubber bands from the amplified musical set up. Eclectic like a brainstorm.Johannes Bergmark: Platforms (Amplified Objects)

Tippi Tillvind: electronics, recordings

Exploring the inner life of objects through soundAbstract chunks of flaked out noise made with a variety of the most mundane household objects available. From balloons to egg-cups, everything becomes an instrument and a source of an unimaginable array of sounds, from the darkly disturbing to the sublimely beautiful. Hot Hail is Liverpool-based sound artist Simon Jones.

The Pecha Kucha Quartet Liverpool:UK 
Acoustic conversations from the Pecha Kucha Quartet featuring a special guest

Phil Lucking, Trumpets
Phil Morton, Accidents & Treatments
Adam Webster, Cello
Special Guest, Sound.

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elvis guitar

From the sonic art archive

Kaffe Matthews -

August Rain In New York Doorways

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