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Saturday, 24 September 2011 23:10

Drop days @ANDfestival

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yes that is a USB sticking out of a Wall

Do you have some data to share? Are you worried about the cloud? Do you know where your data is stored? Come and take part in a DropDay: an AND festival datasharing session using artist Aram Bartholl's DeadDrops 'peer to peer (ish) offline sharing system'

A DropDay is a meeting with a group of people to think up locations and content for Aram Bartholl's DeadDrops File sharing system
The aim is to further spread the un-clouding of data in the North West of England. Long live the DeadDrop!

Last dropday take place in Liverpool at FACT on Tuesday 27th then Burnley Library on Wednesday all details on the calendar at

A DeadDrop information map is opening in the MediaLounge at AND opening at FACT on 29th September at 6pm but the project is ongoing! Join the uncloud.

You can watch Ross talking about how he got interested in the project here as part of Ignite Liverpool

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