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    Our designer Dusty does all our design work and has years of experience, from company branding to websites and company
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    It really depends your needs. Website design and build can take as little as a couple of weeks to as
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    We do, for a number of projects and organisations. Get in touch to find out more.
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  • Thank you so much for the course Was wonderful You worked very hard! Will start on my #nordicwalking #website today!
    Pauli Cooper
  • I have come away with a much better understanding of how to build my own website and ways to make social media work for my business much more effectively
    Carrie Mosley
  • Neil is creative and thoughtful, prepares materials in advance and thinks about the class from the students' perspective.
    Maria Barret Head of Student Employability & Enterprise, LIPA
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Get in touch and we can handle all this for you.

From branding to messages on Social Media and websites branding.
Start selling online today through your own website?

Numerous online platforms can be used to help you sell online, whether it's through your website or via online market places.

Get in touch and we can help you out.
  • I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to increase their business profile in these key routes to market
    Carrie Mosley Two day Digital Marketing Workshop
  • Full of new ideas for the website! Excellent digital marketing workshop @neilmorrin Thanks a million!
    Dr Heidi Koljonen Two day Digital Marketing Workshop
  • Just being educated in social media . thought it was going to be hard but @neilmorrin has made it easier to comprehend #TheresNoMagicButton
    Saucy Cakes Manchester Two day Digital Marketing Workshop
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Next week's digital events

  • 28 Sep
    IOT Liverpool 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM

    Getting together to chat about everything and anything Internet of Things-related, from connected devices to citizen sensing, smart cities to privacy. Not just for the geeks, but also the product designers,

  • 04 Oct
    Liverpool SciBar 06:30 PM to 08:30 PM

    It's science but in a bar. See our Facebook page or follow @merseysci for more information. Venue: SciBar is held at the Ship and Mitre, 113 Dale Street, Liverpool L2 2JH. We meet in the upstairs room;

  • 05 Oct
    Liverpool Linux User Group 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM

    We meet on the first Wednesday of every month where we have a talk on a particular subject and then we congregate in a pub afterwards. Meetings are announced through email and social media. A complete

  • 06 Oct
    Jelly Liverpool 08:30 AM to 04:00 PM

    So what is Jelly about? Jelly Liverpool offers those who work independently or remotely an environment where they can broaden their network whilst continuing with work. It's also been described as a popup

  • 28 Sep - 06 Oct
  • 06 Oct - 08 Oct

Welcome to the Help Desk

Please use the articles below to help set up your website or to help you solve a problem you might have. These aren't extensive but we will continue to add to them.

Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight #27 Liverpool Sound City May 2010

1. Joe Warricker - Littleman
2. The Second Grace - Alone and Alive
3. The Good Intentions - Black Train
4. Laura James - What I Would Say
5. Acollective - Broken Bottles
6. Summerskin - New York City

Download the show for free
(right-click to download)
Or listen online below
(not available for email subscribers)
On Thursday 20th May at Parr Street's Studio 2 venue Liverpool Acoustic will be joining forces with Liverpool Sound City to host a free evening of fantastic music from a choice selection of local, national, and international musicians.

The music starts at 7.00pm and runs all the way through to midnight. Entry is free.
Six acts will be performing on the night.
  • Joe Warricker is a fantastic young up-and-coming singer from London who's been making waves in the indie pop music world.
  • The Second Grace is singer-songwriter Fabrizio Cammarata from Palermo in Italy.
  • The Good Intentions are an award-winning Liverpool based alt-folk-Americana band.
  • Laura James is a highly talented graduate from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.
  • Acollective is a 7-piece band comprising of musicians from Tel Aviv in Israel.
  • Summerskin is the brand new name for Liverpool singer-songwriter Lee Broderick's band.
Full details of everything Sound City related can be found at liverpoolsoundcity.co.uk

Joe Warricker

London-based Joe Warricker's looks are somewhat deceptive, and the casual observer could be forgiven for instantly labelling him as just another super-cute indie kid. However, hang around long enough to hear him sing and Joe Warricker will just as quickly turn your expectations upside down with a voice that QX Magazine described as being that of "a black soul diva".

Joe recently signed to Rough Trade Records (Jarvis Cocker, British Sea Power, The Strokes) and will be releasing his first EP on 30th May.

"If Disney films, Heroes, Transformers and Rick Astley have taught us anything, it's that looks can be deceiving. Take Joe Worricker for example - he might look like your typical indie kid, but beneath the plaid shirt and well coiffed hair is a reincarnation of Gene Chandler complete with foghorn-like voice and a catalogue of smoky bar-room blues numbers. An amazing vocal talent, we may just have unearthed the next Amy Winehouse. Remember, you heard it here first kids." www.spoonfedflavour.com

The Second Grace

The Second Grace is singer-songwriter Fabrizio Cammarata, hailing from Palermo, Sicily.

Fabrizio's main inspiration is his hometown, but there is Cuba and North Africa in his songs, along with Bob Dylan, Fabrizio De André and Nick Drake. You can hear the echo of Miriam Makeba's South African lullabies, and songs in which a Cuban trés is unexpectedly in harmony with Indian tabla and electric bass.

The Second Grace's second time at Liverpool Sound City and SXSW this year is to promote the brand new album coming out next October, recorded between Sicily, NYC, Portland, OR and Tucson, AZ, produced by JD Foster (Calexico, Marc Ribot, Richmond Fontaine) and with illustrious collaborations like Joey Burns and Jairo Zavala from Calexico.

The Second Grace's new album is due out later in 2010, and previous recordings can be bought from The Second Grace.

the good intentions
The Good Intentions

goodThe Good Intentions are a five-piece band from Liverpool playing Americana, folk/country music, using guitars, banjo, stand-up bass, mandolin, autoharp, lapsteel and harmonies.
Their music is critically acclaimed, with the band having won Maverick Magazine's New Songwriter of the Year 2009 for the track Black Train.

The Good Intentions recently returned from a tour of The Netherlands, which they've added to their tally of past gigs at the Crosby Music Festival, the International Pop Overthrow, the Maverick Music Festival, and Liverpool Acoustic Live.

Poor Boy is the band's debut album on Boronda Records (Charlie McGovern, Tracy Huffman, The Tangled Roots) and was recorded and engineered in Liverpool and California by Charlie McGovern. They are currently working on their next release.
Buy the album Poor Boy via PayPal here.

Laura James

lauraLaura James was surrounded by the music of her father, blues musician Chris James, from a young age andfound herself falling comfortably into songwriting and performing.

Laura was first introduced into the Cumbrian folk circuit at the tender age of 14, recorded her first demo CD 'Songs About the Weather' at 15, and her second was recorded two years later by a London Based Media Company.

The CD 'What I Would Say' is now available for purchase on Laura James.

Ever since her first performance Laura has played regularly in and around Cumbria, and at Festivals Such as Kendal Calling and Solfest.

Laura moved to Liverpool to study Music at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and she's now focusing as much as possible on her song-writing as well as playing around Liverpool and further afield.

For a taster of a Laura James gig here's an excerpt from a Review: "I’ve never heard conversation die down so fast in a cafe live show. Laura James had us all hooked and rooted to our seats mid sound check! I’ve never heard a voice so sweet!" Have a listen and see what you think!










acollectiveAcollectíve is Acollectíve. Acollectíve is the resonating echoes of quacking ducks in a sealed room, also known as a band, a dual-headed machine of construction-yard-philosophy which consumes every scrap encountered, from banged-up Folk to burned-down Middle-Eastern-Funk, breaking hips and shaking hearts along the way.

Acollectíve is a 7-piece supergroup of some of the most popular indie musicians in Israel, fronted by Idan Rabinovici and Roy Rieck. Formed in 2008, it started out as a spontaneous musical gathering on the main boulevard of Tel-Aviv in protest of the insufficient number of spontaneous musical gatherings. Like many protests, this too was misinterpreted, quickly becoming a weekly cult gathering, leading inexplicably yet inevitably to the founding of the band. Acollectíve were soon playing to packed-out audiences, establishing a loyal fan-base, and gaining critical acclaim and extensive airplay in Israel – all this without any support or plan of any sort.

Since 2009 the band have toured and lived between Israel, France and the UK, quickly earning a local following and a reputation for show-stopping concerts, wherever they are. Acollectíve are a mesmerising live experience, a mayhem of whisky, sweat, and a seemingly infinite arsenal of genres and musical instruments - mixing up boogied-folk, electronic-jazz and a Middle Eastern-bluesy twang.

Their distinctive captivating sound and energetic stage presence has led to support slots for Okkervil River and Jose Gonzalez, amongst others, and even a recording session at the Manic Street Preachers' private studio, courtesy of the band. Acollectíve are currently recording their next album, for release in early 2011.

Acollectíve is Acollectíve. Words are nice. Music is better. Join the fun.

The album Never Trust The Holy Gracious Medley Band is available to buy from Roy Rieck & the Medley Band


summerLiverpool-based Summerskin are Lee Broderick (Vocals/Guitar), Choi Southern (Lead Guitar), Chris Nicholls (Bass), and Sian Monaghan (Drums).

The EP Nobody's Perfect is available to buy from Summerskin
Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight #27 - May 2010 (Liverpool Sound City)

If you get the chance, please support your local artists by emailing them, joining their mailing lists, leaving them comments, going to their gigs, and buying their music direct from them where possible.

The Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight is produced and presented by Graham Holland on behalf of the Liverpool Acoustic website. It is also available on the Internet courtesy of Art In Liverpool FM (Defnet Media), and is a proud member of the Association of Music Podcasting - supported by Libsyn

The theme music is King of the Faeries by Andrew Ellis from his CD Midnight On The Water.
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From the sonic art archive

Kaffe Matthews -

August Rain In New York Doorways

Click to listen and for a free download



Book now and Enjoy!

Recorded Live at Leaf Cafe on 4th May


  • Praxis CIC

    Praxis CIC

    Creation of a project website for this leading research and evaluation organisation.
  • Liverpool Vision

    Liverpool Vision

    Delivery of Cultural sector digital marketing strategy, workshops and Talks. We've received project support towards, Social Media Cafe Liverpool and Jelly Liverpool.
  • Directory of Social Change

    Directory of Social Change

    Created a project website for the DSG to their specification. Wonderful client.
  • Liverpool Arts Regeneration Consortium

    Liverpool Arts Regeneration Consortium

    Creation of a new Wordpress website, to house their publications archive and allow their users to update the site content themselves. Great project
  • Shared Lives Plus

    Shared Lives Plus

    Created a new website including User Access levels for private content, a social network for clients and searchable map elements. Lovely clients to have.
  • Blue Orchid

    Blue Orchid

    Deliver of one and two day workshops across the UK, focusing on Ecommerce, Digital Marketing and Social Media to new businesses.
  • I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to increase their business profile in these key routes to market
    Carrie Mosley Speaking about Defnet's Digital Marketing Workshop
  • Professional and unflappable
    Jenny Sinclair Speaking about our Live Streaming
  • A deep knowledge of digital media and can make things happen smoothly.
    Jenny Sinclair Speaking about Defnet's Digital awareness
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