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“Hardcore” Downloaders to have Internet Confiscated | geeks.co.uk

What is HARDCORE? Define it for me.

The UK government has published a set of new measures whereby people who illegally download films and music will be cut off from the net.

An amendment to the Digital Britain report will enhance the powers of regulator Ofcom to tackle net pirates. What the script refers to as “hardcore copyright pirates” could see their accounts suspended.

MandyBusiness Secretary Lord Mandelson is reported to have personally overseen the amendment.

The original document, published in June, gave regulator Ofcom until 2012 to decide if technically restraining pirates is necessary but word from the Business department released today now proposes this timeline is “too long to wait”.

Stephen Timms, minister for Digital Britain, explained the change of heart to the BBC.

“We’ve been listening carefully to responses to the consultation this far, and it’s become clear there are widespread concerns that the plans as they stand could delay action, impacting unfairly upon rights holders,” he said.

via “Hardcore” Downloaders to have Internet Confiscated | geeks.co.uk.

When I meet Jamie from Steal this Film fame it was quite clear that yes the rules on piracy did need looking into, as what he had developed was a great way of marketing and distributing his film with out having to go to enomous expense of traditional techniques. This may be a demonstration from the Govt. to teh entertainment industry that they do take this kind of thing seriously you know however, as music gets freer and freer everyday and the trouble is actually getting peoples attention and time to listen and watch it-

Is this the right way for Govt. to be heading (rhetorical question) NO is the answer. We will see the day when the film companies if they don’t do it already release their own films on Pirate Bay et al so that they can get a bit of hype behind their often poorly scripted, scrappily shot pap – that they so preciously protect today. Mark my words. Do you here me.